Welcome to the the Guild’s homepage, formerly The Germanic/Teutonic Cultural Arts Center.

Here we open the door to seekers so that they may learn the deeper aspects of Forn Sed, Seiðr, and Heathen occult arts and traditions.  We also want to make available information on aspects of pre-Christian Heathen living, such as forging, cooking, spinning, gardening, animal husbandry, and more.

Our 21st Century Journeymen and Masters are here to reach out to our fellow Heathens, with the goal of enriching lives that become immersed in Northern practice, reclaimed from our Ancestors; yet made usable and viable for the modern Heathen of today.

We believe that Heathenry isn’t just a spiritual practice, it is a way of life that influences every day that we experience by integrating ancestral connection into our very being.  If this sounds like you, or something you wish to aspire to, then be sure to go to the Join page, or if you have more questions you can always contact us for more information.

Til árs ók friðar

Reclaiming the ways of the Völva

Join us as we explore the ancient world of the Völva, and delve deeply into the mysteries of the universe. Ancient healing arts: The Seiðr, the Völva, and the Northern Shaman.

The practice of Seiðr

Learn of the mysterious ways of Seiðr, an ancient and powerful form of Nordic magics. Deep into the Arts of the Völva or the Vitki.

Coming Together

Join a community of like minded individuals pursuing the same path as you. Get together, help each other and grow. https://the21stcenturyheathen.wordpress.com/blog-2/ 

About us

At the 21st Century Heathen we are working to reconstruct the old ways, in a correct and proper manner. We are here to educate and to teach, and that is exactly what we will do.

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