Being at ease in the wilderness or human ‘Re-Wilding.’

We need wildness. Countless generations have lived in the Bush, hunting or fishing, hiking and camping; swapping stories over the campfire and staring up at the starry night sky. Yet frequent stays or visits into the Wilderness by many modern-day Folk is becoming as alien to people today as it is to go to the moon. Why?? Because playful, natural childhoods and direct experiences in the wild are declining as our population becomes increasingly urbanized and wired to find recreation in technology and man made surroundings.

Re-Wilding for humans is a emerging practice where woodland fearful Folk are being introduced back to the natural organic creatures we are designed to be. By teaching various wilderness skill sets, a urbanized person can gain the confidence that comes with being taught skillsets that are conducive to connectivity and pleasure found by being one with the place we are supposed to call home: The OUTDOORS. So, do your self and future generations a huge favor; Re-Wild yourself!

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