Plants, the many uses of the nine sacred herbs and beyond.

Everything needed for the good of mankind is found all around us; we just need to search, and there it is. Many forms of help and healing are to be found in plants. For thousands of years people have been collecting, drying and preparing common wayside plants to heal and soothe pain. The Saxons held nine herbs as the most sacred. They even had a poem or charm — called Lacnunga (Remedies) — written about them, which dates from the 10-century. The herbs of the Lacnunga manuscript were highly valued, and used as treatment against poison and infection. These same nine herbs are still highly regarded, widely used today, but let’s not forget the many other common plants that are available for daily use right outside your back door! How wonderful would it be, to learn about the many other Herbal ‘allies’ we can grow, harvest, and use to enrich all aspects of our daily lives!

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