Alternative healing Arts: The Völva, the Seiðr, and the Northern Shaman.

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Done with confidence and proficiency, the multilevel ability to heal ourselves and our Kindred is a skill that is invaluable for everyone. It is becoming a respected, recognized skill among the alternative healing communities to be proficient as a Shamanic Practitioner. What is less well known, is that the Germanic/Teutonic culture has our own indigenous Shamans and healers; and these sects are not only written in Norse history, the native shamanic groups still have practitioner’s still working their traditional medicine that has been handed down and minimally unchanged to this day. (Most notable the Finnish Sami)

Historically, the völva wandered from town to town and farm to farm performing commissioned acts of magic in exchange for room, board, and often other forms of compensation as well. The most detailed account of such a woman and her craft comes from The Saga of Erik the Red, but numerous sagas, as well as some of the heroic poems (most notably the Völuspá, “The Insight of the Völva“) contain sparse accounts of seidr-workers and their practices.

The Arts of the Völva, (Norse Witch) Seiðr, (prophetic seer) and Northern shaman, are  Heritage forms of healing in a collective skill set. Each one of these three Germanic/Teutonic based mystical healing paths and traditions has its own specialized forms of techniques and nuances, with each practice being a stand alone Art, however when it is taught through the Germanic/Teutonic Cultural Arts Center, the three modalities are uniquely blended in a powerful, complementary way. Why not learn the fundamental skill sets of each path COMBINED, as we have come to know them today? That way you will have the skills to enhance and heal your life’s workings, your loved ones ills,  as well as make the world around you a far better place!




    1. Hailsa Jennifer! I am sorry for the delayed response! These courses start when you pay the fee and enroll! In the Year-long course, you learn all the basics for Northern Core Shamanism and Norse mythology somewhat, as well as herbal use, rune use, and crystal use in conjunction with the Arts of a Volva. The Immersion course is more specified on Traditional concepts and deeper working of seidr. You MUST have a solid understanding of Scandinavian cultural heritage and Heathenry to attempt the immersion course! Hail and thank you for your inquiry!


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