Write your own saga!

thThe importance of writing your own history.

As we progress through these amazing yet turbulent times, I am reminded as a writer the importance of creating our own mythos and stories that will be read as well as interpreted by the generations who will follow us when we are someday “the ancestors.”

Time has a way of changing things; many everyday facts or situations seemingly become lost to the rocks and mud of memory, and only remarkable instances appear to be analogs as touchstones to the life and times of the people being examined.

This had me wondering what news or what customs will be spoken about in our point in history since the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and the industrial revolution?
~Will only our horrors, our annihilation of our planet, and our self implosion via greed and entitled slough be the highlighted kennings? Will our descendants view us as a lesson of how NOT to be;
~humanity as it’s worst?

I am in the process of reclaiming my ancestors spiritual path, in hopes that this can bring me to a point of power and connection with God-Herself.

This is for me an active way to reconnect with the wisdom of the past, thereby possibly setting wheels in motion of future events meant to deflect the chaos that is seemingly destroying life on planet earth, and putting us on a much needed awakening trajectory For She whom must be obeyed in both Life and Death.

I hope by the handed down Ancestral wisdom of living alongside and within Jord’s sacred body, we gain the lost kenning of Her holistic and organic ways. The Goddess we call Freya, Nott, Nerthus, and Holda will show we can still learn the art of living magnificently; hopefully showing our descendants how we as a collective whole woke up and became a heroic people, writing our wrongs, fixing our oorlog, and saving our planet.
Our descendants would read a mythology of the 21st Century, how the Old Gods were re-discovered and re-vied, thereby becoming an evolving dynamic that was influential on mankind having the power and wisdom to change the tide and truly manifest the hero/ine’s quest.

This story must be written and lived, I feel, by making the agreement we will boldly take the Old and make it anew. We won’t let fear, doubt, small thinking or the status quo keep us stunted and dangerous.
We will write our mythos as people who Know what must be done, Willed to survive globally, Dared to make the needed changes, and Silenced the voice of blatant ignorance and apathy.

Pick up that pen and write your story. Our legend awaits….


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