The 21st Century way I view the Old Norse God’s.

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For some time now I have held a slightly deeper view of whom the God’s “are” as found within the homomorphic version that mankind portraits in all mythology of Divinity, ~including Indo-European lore.

Beyond simply equated as archetypes, I have come to understand the God’s are forces of mankind’s awareness and collusion with the natural world and how we as a mammalian species have evolved within it.

As found in the below article, I view Thor as not just the sky wedding with the earth, I also Ken Thor as a representative of how man evolved; with Thor as the embodiment of when humans learned mastery over their environment, so Thor becomes our God-like representative of “the missing link” i.e.=humanity understanding our ability through tool use and might we have the power of domination over Nature Herself. (The Giants/Jontun)

Thor’s hammer then literally becomes the very power human kind wields through tool usage to transform and dominate the very world that surrounds us; the God like power to perceive a desired outcome for how we feel we wish our lives to unfold, then going about making it manifest through our actions of might, domination and will.

I then come to see Odin as the first Shaman, which for me is human kinds ability to understand after dominating the natural world we humans underwent a nasty bi-product; we lost our instinctual connection to holistic living upon our life giver, Jord, ~who holds the secrets of the original God Herself, Earth’s own life giving Mother and Creatrix: Nott .

Odin, I have discovered, represents the epitome of human kinds realization we have erroneously become to engrossed in civilization and view homo-sapiens as the only species who’s limited “needs and wants” are the only pertaining matters of self-serving importance on the planet.

Odin as the first Shaman shows us the God like ability to find ourselves and our sacred power by returning to the wilderness, and going deep within the hidden realms to remember the sacred Goddess given/taught dance of seidr, and what it means to be one with all the worlds and all the creatures great and small contained within them.

And of course Freya becomes the embodiment of the original Divine Feminine, since the word Freya is a title, not a name, and means “The Lady.”

I have found ALL the Ancient God’s, including the Norse ones each have a role where humanity married the natural world order; thereby giving a more accurate and understandable application to the teaching metaphors that ALL sacred lore imparts to our(humanity) animal-versus-civilization evolutionary journey, and how as a species we can holistically continue our Sagas on this planet; without destroying ourselves and our neighbors as we play out our amazing eons old Edda.

This is just my understanding of God “archetypes” but as always, mileage will vary!
Fjorgynn (pronounced roughly “FIOR-gen” with a hard “g”) and Fjorgyn (pronounced roughly the same) are a divine pair in Norse mythology. Fjorgynn (Old Norse Fjörgynn) is male and Fjorgyn (Old Norse Fjörgyn) is female. References to either of these giants and/or deities in Old Norse literat…

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  1. ~I just had a fantastic question made by a reader on another page I shared this on, and I will post it as I feel it helps shed light onto my motivation for writing the above post:

    Dorian A. Burleson “Hey Ivy, Quick question about the post! do you believe in the Gods as psychical beings and dieties? Or just in the light of a reflection of ourselves and humanity?”

    Ivy Mulligan “Great question Dorian! Both! I feel through our Human awareness these figures once were actually humans, then became the Gods as we view them. This is where ancestral veneration takes on the truer deeper meaning found in all shamanic cultures and spiritual veneration.

    Remember, I am a Volva who practices seidr. I am a spiritual Heathen, I am NOT a religious person practicing a dogmatic replacement for monotheism.

    There is actually anthropology/archeology documentation on the etymology of the tribal names based on the titles Aesir, Vanir and jötunn that can link up those base names with the waves and time lines each type of evolving human tribes moved and conquered Eur_Asia and Europe proper, including Ireland and Scotland.

    One must dig and do their homework, but as always with mythology, there lies a grain of truth and “fact” behind every story. It simply requires educated investigation!”

    A great work that got me to begin my investigation and futher understanding of these concepts is the thesis by Valgerður Hjördís Bjarnadóttir, titled: “The Saga of Vanadís, Völva and Valkyrja: Images of the Divine from the Memory of an Islandic Woman”


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