Part 2: The Ritual for Unity of Heathenry within Norse paganism, and sending healing and peace from within to without.

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For this world wide Call to peace and healing unification ritual, we will be using Jord’s power, as well as her World Tree Yggdrasil, via a real, living tree. Trees are beings who are our witness and sentinels; so try to be near a tree you love, or in a woodland setting like a park when doing this rite.( just find a tree if you can-worse case scenario, simply visualize Yggdrasil. the collective consciousnesses.

You will need some pure water (at least a gallon) your horn, a candle, some smudge, and some Meade *Optional

This should be performed on the spring equinox at 5:58 P.M. EDT.

*Statement of Purpose

I am poised at the moment of balance— The spring equinox, when Jord turns her face to the light, awakening all life. I have slept, ruminated, and gained wisdom through the long night of winter, And now I prepare for the difficult work of unification and healing within the fractured and sickened minds of human kind. May I draw upon the joy of the spring and this seasonal power for new beginnings!

I call upon Birkana, and upon Yggdrasill itself; who within it’s very roots lye the well of destiny,  URD. I call out and demand with all my soul, for The Norn’s to grant unity within the VAST tribes of Human-Kind. We as people of the Heath seek the steadfast power of Jord and her ways to keep us grounded in the work of re-building unified lives upon her.

I honor the darkness, The shadows of night, of the waters, of the soul, and of the inner reflections the cold of the winter has brought to me, Whose embrace has sheltered and renewed me.

I honor the light, The fire of the Sun, of the hearth, of the heart, The life-giving warmth of the spring before me, Whose potential inspires and drives me.

I seek to change the course of the Wyrd of mankind; so that together and alone, each human being may call out to the void and end the self-imposed destruction of Jord’s ALL by culling fear, ignorance, intolerance and hate.

Hail the balance of light and dark— Hail the sleep, hail the awakening— And hail the spaces in between!


 Call for Peace

Let us begin by giving peace to the quarters, for without peace this work of unity cannot be done.. (Move to salute each direction in turn, crossing the circle, then returning to place in the circle.) May there be peace in the North, Hail Nordri!

May there be peace in the South, Hail Sudri!

May there be peace in the West, Hail Vestri!

May there be Peace in the East, hail Austri!

May there be peace throughout the whole world, and may it begin within me.

Initiating the Rite:

Light a candle which represents need fire, and have your water ready to pour out onto the tree representing Yggdrasill  in Blot.

Say loudly: I am one and we are many. Heathens, Pagans, Kindred, In Fellowship, in solitude. Here I bring my offerings To celebrate the Kindred, Healing, Unity and Peace.

In my mind and in my body, I hold space in solitude For all of those who from fear walk alone. May they be with me in this rite.

Here before the sacred fire, Sacred well, and sacred tree, may we all be purified. And may the need fire of liberation’s fire burn within.

 Purification by Blot Take your horn filled with pure water and pour out a libation after saying:

May all that hinders me be released, May all that binds me be released, May the outdwellers and the monsters who wear human flesh wishing all harm Be released, That I may be healed and made pure.

May all that hinders Mankind be released, May all that binds Mankind be released, May the outdwellers and the monsters who wear human flesh wishing all Mankind harm Be released, That Mankind may be made healed and pure.

May all that hinders Jord and Life be released, May all that binds Jord and Life be released, May the outdwellers and the monsters who wear human flesh wishing all harm of Jord and life Be released, That Jord and life can be restored and made pure, once more.

[After speaking aloud these words, take several moments to experience the feeling of purification. Breathe deep.]

 Honoring Jord as Nerthus

I place my hand upon the ground, Nerthus.

[Touch the ground, if possible.]

This body of Nerthus is an instrument of life and unity, of healing and of culling. My mother is the Nerthus, and we ALL are Her children. Ever generous and supportive Nerthus, I call upon you Bless the rites of your human children.

Here, in this moment of balance, I honor and recognize the sacred Mystery of existence via connectiveness, understanding, awareness and unity. I affirm my connection to the Nerthus and to my Norse Pagan heathens I share frith with, as I wish to extend that same Frith to ALL Nerthus creatures great and small: especially by healing the cancer od death and hate found out of balance within the species of human kind . I celebrate this The Spring Equinox the power to re-claim each humans capacity to engage with the solitaries of the Fellowship that heralds our (and Jord’s) survival.

[Take this moment to make note of the wights of your land, to recognize the state of nature, and to honor it as your Ancestors did thousands f years ago right up to the turn of this century.]

I send out my will with a good fire.

Blot to the Gods, then Utiseta: refill horn if needed (you may use Meade for this) to pour out as you say:

This ritual recognizes All the great and noble Gods, and I call Them to witness this rite for healing and unification. I Blot to the Ancient ones, the bridge between man and the limitless.

Take a deep drink from the horn.

Journey to the well of urd to see the way each one of us can manifest out intention of Unity within The world wide community of man, via Heathen Healing and Unification of Norse Paganism:

Below is a Journey to the well of Urd in the roots of Yggdrasil*. a journey modified from Little Red Tarot by Abbie Plouff : Alternative approaches to tarot, ritual, magic & more

This journey is to be done within this rite as a  Utiseta session.. Also in this journey you will call on the aid of your Fylgja to assist you on this quest; thereby learning to see, feel, or recognize your sacred “fetch.”


Do your best to read through the journey and memorize the steps and procedures first: but remember! This is just an outline of the journey- the real way it transpires might be very different, and mileage may vary! Out-sitting was one of THE most powerful forms of spa a seiðkona or völva can do to help see and alter destiny. With mass amounts of people doing the same journey at the same time, MUCH Wyrd work will be realized.


Ground and hallow yourself in your space for your Utiseta by closing you eyes and deeply breathing.

State the intention you are seeking Unity and healing via culling for the entire populace of mankind, but within heathen Norse Paganism especially.

Use your favorite technique for inducing your altered trance state, and as you wait for the veil of the otherworld mist to form, be aware of the astral double of yourself that lives within your flesh. Feel this presence within you. It is part of you, yet you sense you can separate it from your physical body.

This is your Fylgja, and it is this soul part of you that actually does the faring forth into the otherworld’s; so as the mist evaporates and the otherworld’s portal opens; picture your astral double of you (your fylgja) stepping out of your physical self into the place of magic and Yggdrasill.


As you step through the mist you see Yggdrasill in the distance so you begin to walk toward it. As you approach the Tree, you study it. What does it look like? What texture is the trees bark?

Are the leaves budding, full, turning autumn colors, or is it a leafless tree?


As you are studying Yggdrasill  while approaching its trunk, you hear a flutter of wings. Birds fly overhead – they are curiously silent, determined. The flock swells – you feel their wings beating deep in your heart. It feels as if the whole world flies past you. They draw you in to the tree, swirling around it as they ascend out of sight into the clouds. You know that you too must ascend skywards, via top of the tree.


As you move closer to the tree, it feels as if the ground stretches out further from you, and you realize otherworldly physics are NOT at all like earthy physics..

Finally you reach the trees trunk, and seeing the closest handhold for climbing is out of reach, your inner knowing takes over and you look down at your hands.

Concentrating, you gather up the energy that makes up your hamr (aura) and you will your hands to change shape.

You see feathers begin to spout where fingers were and your arms begin to morph into wings.

You continue to think of becoming a bird and will your astral body to take that form.

You take a few steps back from the tree, and spot the branch you wish to reach.

Running a few steps, you leap into the air, taking flight with your new form.

Taking a moment to acclimate to flying, you then land on the branch you originally aimed for.


As you alight on your perch, your attention turns to flock of birds who have returned. The full flock has come, and this time they’re flying straight for you. One of the birds clips your shoulder, and you’re knocked off balance. You feel a lurch in your stomach, and begin to fall. You reach out for the tree with your arms momentarily forgetting you too are in bird form. With a start, you flap your wings and the air catches you – but not before the ground rushes towards you from below. You feel your feet hit the ground, and you look for a sign to find your bearings.

It is all darkness. You shake your feathers and as they do, you turn back into your familiar human form. As you scan the area You realize you have landed in between Yggdrasill’s giant roots, and you are now actually below the earth, under the great Tree.


From the darkness comes voices. One moment it sounds like women talking, then shrieking, then whispers. You can make out, flickering there in the darkness, a small fire. As you walk towards the fire, you realize the fire is in a huge clearing, and all around you (as well as this grove of roots the size of subway trains) are millions and millions of threads. As you enter the point where the firelight illumines your presence in this grove of roots, You know you have somehow reached the Norn’s. You can see them spinning and weaving at the well of Urd, the deep well of destiny they attend – it is just out of reach, but you can hear the cold water lapping in its depths, and it was this sound you thought was voices before.


Blindly, one foot at a time, you walk to the direction of the sound of the water and the flickering light.. Into view the well materializes in front of you, an ancient stone ring about waist height. As you reach the wells rim you notice the Three are still spinning but they view you intently while their hands fairly fly, pulling stands of destiny; and you hear a murmur “are you ready?” ~but you can’t tell where it came from. You state out loud yes you are, your full name, and you give an oath you are indeed ready to view and actively work to manifest your desired destiny at this moment as shown in the waters of all time.

You hear nothing more, so you proceed to look within the well.

At first you see a mirror like surface and get confused. It is not a mirror, but the wells liquid has an appearance of liquid mercury– still waters that are somehow opaque. You see mist rise from this well, and wonder if the water is warm or cold? You begin to become transfixed and you see something thing moving beneath the surface of the well.

Slowly, the Norn’s move toward you, still holding someone’s Wyrd, pulling it, stretching it, knotting it and cutting it..

The Norn’s are suddenly in front of you, then *poof* they are gone. You feel strangely languid, and slowly turn to look at the Wells water once more. A voice inside your head says that this is how it will be; each and every time you seek answers from Them. They will use you as their fetch, or they will leave you here and be your bodies soul for as long as you are visiting this well of destiny. You cannot speak directly to Them – for they are becoming a part of you. The Norn’s tell you in your mind “Allow your eyes to soften. See the flickering surface of the wells water. Feel what Fate feels like, as you know we are within you, yet all around you. We are one woman – we are three distinct women, and we sometimes blend together. What do we feel like, housed in your awareness? What do we sound like? What is at our core essence?


Now The Norn’s direct your attention to your destiny: They say: “Stare into the well. What appears to you?”


Allow the Vision to wash over you. Take note of what you see, and what actions you KNOW you can take to manifest the wyrd you desire by both your words and deeds accurately, precisely, and meticulously placed within the weft and warp of your destiny’s fabric.

When you are ready, and feel you have successfully effected the Wyrd you were shown; signal to the Norn’s. They move away from within you, to once more be three individual beings. The Norn’s see you, they nod. They know you. The three work together to untangle personally YOUR strands of Wyrd. Your legs buckle as the world turns right side up. Without speaking, you know that they will take you back to your body, and that you have been here kenning this journey as your fylgja this entire experience since leaving Midgard for the Tree.


But first: You must leave something. It must be something precious, but something that is not yours to hold on to. It must be something that has held you back. It must be something near and dear to you, some old habit or belief about your destiny that you need to let go.

What will you leave?

Close your eyes, and make your choice. Take your time. What you leave is never truly gone, but what you leave reveals much about yourself. Whatever it is that you leave, you know the Norn’s will take and transform into something useful.


Thank the Norn’s for their assistance. They gently guide you as your fetch back to your body via up the roots and back at the trunk of Yggdrasil.. You step away from the tree, and the mist begins to form. You realize that your fylgja, your guiding allies, and the Norn’s may be with you in spirit now, only a journey away via your ability to send forth your Fylgja. You now know how the most sacred of Spa séance is done, and you are assured you will live your destiny made, when you set off on the path of Völva/Vitki, or a deeply connected Heathen.


Time is a never ending circle. You see now the misty veil between the worlds has cleared. You begin to become aware of your real physical body, your breathing and you like the feeling of your Fylgja within your body.. Soon, the land you are siting upon feels familiar. You have returned to your familiar sacred space.

When you have completed your journey and feel ready to rise, it is time to water the real tree of your space, and give thanks, hail and farewell.

Closing: Pour water at the base of the tree saying: “Hail Yggdrasil mighty world tree! I thank you for holding up the cosmos and granting us passage into the nine worlds; Hail and well met!”

Thank the Norn’s again by pouring out water and saying: ”Hail might sisters Three, may I never forget your ties to me! Weave strong Wyrd of healing and unity for ALL who seek this request of you Mighty Goddess’s of destiny!

Stand center and Thank the Jord/Nethrus for aiding substance and protection within this existence by pouring out some water and saying: “Hail to the body of God-herself! May I walk and live with honor and respect upon you! Hail and well met!

Then thank each direction by a pour of water, and a hail and well met!

Speak out to the void and say: This Rite is over, the spell is sung, worldwide Healing and Unity has just begun! HAIL!

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