The Way of the Volva.


Surrender into Silence, in-steeped with sacredness.
Allow She who is Life to imbued you.
Be still.
Be Nature.
Be Wilderness.
Be Woman.
Quiet, deep, serene, silent.
Holy of Holies.

Sovereignty is a soundless receptivity of soft grace, strength, and power.

It is enduring, authentic, Decisive, assured. Free.

We are the Sister hood of Traveling Stavs.

We are Being told by our kennings in our dreams to remember!

Don’t look to others for your authentic path, find your own!

Gurus only lead to unhappiness and power loss; instead, look for a Sister hood of the longing mothers tenderly passing their whispered words from daughter to daughter.

Do not harbor jealousy; that ugly jealousy of those able to be fully themselves 100%.

Stop feeding the energy that seeks to kill the way of the Wild ones; those who are unfettered and can express themselves with ALL of themselves. ~They do this fearlessly with a freedom in which they fully occupy their place within the world.

Authentically and without apologies or excuses.

For thousands of years, women have gathered together in small circles secretly; Sometimes by campfire, sometimes in Groves, or sometimes by hearths and upon the heath-together-and in seeking Sister hood found support and warmth for each other as they wove magics that changed the world..

Re-member dear ones, THE purpose of all this re-claiming is we are ever seeking our origins. We seek to re-member our natural connection to the world of nature in such a way we are truly one with our simple purpose of life, which is to live fully.

Primary and as Co-creators/givers, not just consumer/destroyers.

When in harmony with God Herself we are home, complete, and plugged in; being in harmony with ALL our living brethren. Safe and complete in our knowing all is as it should be when we find our own, Authentic Wilderness, fully connected with our origins and our tribes; real or perceived.

~Ivy Mulligan, 2019

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