Your Body is your temple, so use it as your Triage.

When a practitioner of seiðr delves deeper into their practice, a lilt known and forgotten art will emerge as to how to use our body in the way it was designed; to be THE interface for healing as well as a conduit for moving healing energy to the outside world.

Years ago, I naturally began to use different body postures I took from Scandinavian images to invoke specific energies in trance; then a few years later I was inspired I was on to something by the information I have found in the books by Belinda Gore, called “Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook” and “The Ecstatic Experience: Healing Postures for Spirit Journeys.”

One investigating body posture or ritualized poses might wonder how would integrating ritual postures or poses further our work with Norse Mysticism? Well, as Belinda Gore states in the above-mentioned books, “artifacts left us a wide array of artwork that depicts ritual postures,” worldwide.

Belinda goes on to say “In fact, like many other ritual postures from around the world, they appear to be designed to induce particular states of mind, especially trance states in which we can receive healing, learn about ourselves and the divine, and undergo spiritual changes for the better.”

Therefore, I discovered for example, from the depictions of Freya’s holding the cup of Meade with both hands, to how Odin is often depicted in holding his Stav; even in the Norse tradition we can find some very useful sacred ritual poses and postures!

In seiðr, shaking, swaying, singing or even drumming alone is usually enough to induce a light trance state in most people. The rhythmic repetition of movement or sound has been shown to have a balancing effect on the human brain, bringing the two hemispheres in sync, thereby inducing varying states of altered consciousness known as ‘trance.’ When you add to these proven forms of trance induction ritual poses that are mimicking the energies you are attempting to invoke, the process gets unexplainably much easier to facilitate.

I have found as others have, that by adding various ritual postures that are aligned with the intention of the body of work for the ritual being performed, the experience becomes more ‘real” and more powerful significantly; since you are engaging the body in the ritual via sacred stance or postures.

As you the seeker will hopefully find, each posture brings a specific energy, intention, and a ‘humanly physical-action based archetype’ to the ceremonial process being worked. I feel it will add to your tool box to learn the very natural, but almost forgotten process of rediscovery of this method of trance activation and sacred pantomime while working in altered states of consciousness.

Finally, another aspect of my advanced studies or further immersion into our true power is one of balance, so in addition to the body postures for ritual, I have found a similar thing happens when doing a form of moving meditation, like for example yoga or Thi-chi; since these form of exercise are actually another “mundane” example of uniting our bodies physicality and movement into a integration with our spiritual parts.

It only makes sense to me, to add ritual poses inspired from archeology finds depicting Norse Gods “classic positioning” so that when performing sacred rites and magic work within seiðr, one would also instigate the activation in the microcosm of the participant within their macrocosm by fluidity of the connection the pose holds within manifesting an intention in a magical rite.

To add a physical element within a spiritual practice manifests a very powerful intention: to create strong integrated spirit-bodies of the here and now: using our bodies to experience and bring to Midgard within our Blots and ceremonies the limitlessness of our souls.

It is essential to have a strong, capable, healthy physical body as this is THE vehicle we use to travel through Midgard with. Ritual poses are a very effect, absurdly easy and simple way to bring unity to the mind and to the body, and even if you are very stiff, very cerebral, or very non-physical~ there is a Ritual Posture out there for you!

I have even seen the Elder and younger Furthark mimicked by body positioning, in seiðr work but feel free to discover and/or adapt your own!

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