How to use your Fylgja:

In seidr, as with all forms of Shamanistic practice, we find the concept of soul parts.

The Fylgja is our soul part that in conjunction with my hamr, is for me, the soul parts we use most when faring forth, yet many Folk tend to be unclear as to what they are (the fylgja especially), and how to use them.

I did a Utiseta the other night and when I utilized my ‘fetch’ correctly, my results were so profound, I was prompted to share what I found.

Our Fylgja is the soul part we most can describe as our “astral” self or spirit body.

Its actual name means ‘to follow,’ and it is what we send on our behalf when we do our journey work, including any task we might have in Midgard when we can’t physically go and accomplish the task with our entire physical self.

In my own experience, I have also found the Fylgja is what lingers on of our selves after death, if, for whatever reason, we are not willing or ready to go to whatever Hall we are destined to go wait within till the next time we come back to be born again within our Tribe.

I have also found it is the Fylgja (fetch) that we can morph into any form we choose to give it; be it our animal helpers, or any object we wish it to appear as, via the use of our thought process (will intent) and via controlling our Hamr (the energy field that surrounds all living creatures) also called ‘the aura’ by new age Folk.

So, the “how to” on the use of our Fylgja is shared below from a recent exercise I did to contact directly Huninn and Muninn with bind runes and my intention to discover where my Wyrd had been altered, as I was running into a very obvious string of challenging Hamingya (Luck) which I was prompted to examine and correct.

I also was guided to call upon not only the powers of Odin’s thought and memory, I needed to invoke the assistance of the Runes, as this was deep magic that I needed assurance would be unmistakably clear to me, as well as I requested I be given the proper tools to untangle my wyrd that was bound.

What follows is how the Work transpired, so the process is laid out in the steps most of my out-sitting follows:

“I went to my siedrstalli which is outside my back door, in a hidden grove of trees. I welcomed The landvattier, and gave thanks to them for allowing me to share the space, and find answers to my questions. I lit my smudge bundle of mugwort and dried herbs from the garden; the last remnant of the springs growing season.
I begin to hum a welcoming tune, as I waved the pungent smoke around my space, asking for peace and welcome. I smiled as I felt the dark crisp air on my skin as a reassurance I would be calling on Nott this rite; as the answers I sought were vast and deep, like the darkness of Nott’s wisdom.
I took up my horn, and I welcomed each Dwarf of the four comers of the universe, pouring out an offering for each name called: Nordri, Sudri, Vestri, Austri! As each hearkened to their name, I felt the power of each direction and element spring to life with the primal building blocks of life-a macrocosm in my micro space.
I next called upon the Ancestors; those Ancient ones who have been doing these very acts when Jord was new; and I asked for the deep kennings they have to be awakened in my DNA, so I might have a clear path to effectual and beneficial workings this night. I held my horn high, poured them out an offering, then took a deep drink, knowing our link was strong and true.
I finally called to Odin, and invited the Old man to accompany me on this trip, though while pouring him his drink, I got the Idea It was his Ravens I sought more this night, and I drank deeply a sound Hail before another offering to them was given and called.
I knew it was time for the Work, so I covered my head with my hood of my cloak and holding my Stav in front of me, I sat upon my seat and began to sway lightly as I chanted, then screamed my galdralag of my intention of faring forth into Notts Darkness to meet Huginn and Muninn for answers to what I sought as thoughts and memories to my own Wyrd Weaving.
My galdralag began to morph into a calling song, called a Vardlokker, and I sang a song of calling to Odin’s ravens. I then felt my Hamr, all charged with an electric blue light, and I saw the otherworld mist form, which is how I enter the nine worlds.
I saw Yggdrasill loom into view and I focused on using the electric blue charge that was within my Hamr for the purpose of changing my Fylgja into a bird form, as I needed to take to the skies this time. I stared at a branch very high above me, and I willed my spirit form, my fetch, to sprout wings and fly.
I took a few running steps and leapt feeling the exhilaration of leaving the ground becoming airborne, as my astral body happily accommodated and assumed the form of a barn owl; a bird I know and love dearly.
I landed on the perch I had spied on the ground and called out to the two Dark birds by name. Hooo! Hoooo! I waited and looking all around with night vision eyes, I saw the darkness moving as two specks of darkness over itself.
I called Huginn and Muninn again. “Hooooo~ah! I am here!”
They both landed side by side on a branch opposite of where my owl form sat.
Two pairs of golden eyes flashed at me, and asked “you summon all the thoughts and all the kennings of all time. You wish to see your workings of your mind in hopes that you can fix something not in your Wyrd?”
I nodded my owl head and blinked my eyes shut while saying in my mind to them; yes.
“Then come here!” I herd a voice boom from below.
I looked down and saw the Old Man standing there, at the foot of Yggdrasil with his one arm outstretched.
I flew down with a hoot, and almost crash landed on his shoulder. I gotta work on my landings..I thought.
From this vantage point as an owl, I got a close look at his Face, and his eye socket was uncovered. It looked very much like a cave, and I found I was fixating on it.
“Pay attention!” he whispered, but it sounded deafening to me, his voice.
“Here are the runes you will use to activate Huginn and Muninn power in your kennings when you return back to your body. It starts with Need, then Kennaz, Ansuz, Wunjo and radio. It ends with Gebo. Draw them as a bind rune, and offer your blood to it. Sing a song of acceptance over it, using Isa then sing the bind itself into being with the power of Balance and power via Ingwaz. “
Odin continued; “In dream time the thoughts and memories that lead to your Wyrd being altered will appear, and you must decide if it is worth the Now to alter them. ALL lessons are for a value; so to change them might mean missed opportunity. It IS your Wyrd, so by the Norn’s leave do as you see fit.”
He then placed me on ground, and said “go back to your Hugr and finish the Work.”
I looked up past Odin into the tree. The two Ravens were long gone.
“Hail Wise Wanderer!” I said to Odin. Thanks!
He leaned down close and again I could only see the cavern where his eye USED to be. I realized he was talking again, and still in that loud whisper, which strangely, this time, was very hard to hear. “Embrace and seek out the dark places, it is where we learn the most. Fear only limits your potential”
Odin then stood up and straightened himself, looking over his shoulder. He lifted both Arms and holding the “Algiz” position with his body, transformed into two dark spots with wings that melded with the darkness of the night.
I wished Them all Hail, and returned to my body, to begin the work of bindrunes and manifestation of fixing my Wyrd. …Maybe.

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