In this next post I wish to continue my series on Norse soul parts, and for this one, it’s the Hamingja!
So what is the Hamingja? Víga-Glúms saga 9 mentions it as something that can be passed to unnamed family members, and in the Hávamál we read:

Wealth will pass,
Men will pass,
You too, likewise, will pass.
One thing alone
Will never pass:
The fame of one who has earned it.

The name Hamingja was also used to indicate happiness, and that is what it means in modern Icelandic. We also understand it is known as “luck” but I feel many Folk are stopped short in today’s world understanding the Old Norse concept of Luck.
Luck isn’t so much about being ‘charmed’ or gifted’ by a miraculous gift of Fate.(a.k.a Wyrd via the Norns)
I feel it is intwined into our Oorlog, and it is more akin to the concept of “karma” and ancestrally passed traits, inherited in our very DNA.

Yep, Hamingja is part of our genetic code, and luck can be earned as well as worked to be better!

Have you ever met some poor sod who seemed to be the epidemy of the song “A man of constant sorrow?”
This dude ALWAYS has bad luck; he never can hold down a job, or a meaningful relationship, he has a drinking and gambling problem that leaves him in trouble with the law, and his money lenders.
Even the few times our friend Joe would try to change his destiny, for example, go apply for that new Job that would get him on the right path; his alarm clock wouldn’t go off, and on the way to the interview he got a flat tire, (with no spare in the trunk) so he never got the job. It seems he can never get a break, and his life is consistently in the shitter.
Unlucky Joe has even sought help, but when he is given very wise counsel, he turns a deaf ear and falls back into a life of trouble and unhappiness.

So as an observer, we scratch our heads and wonder why Joe’s life seems to be so full of “bad luck.”

As a Norse Heathen and Volva, I instinctually sense Joe has bad Oorlog, due to the fact he inherited a family string of bad misfortune due to inherited bad behaviors and life choices which started eons back with a very foolhardy and careless relative.

This ancestor probably had some incident that set him on a path of dishonorable behavior: perhaps he stole something from a friend of his, which in turn lead him to becoming unwelcoming to this friend in his family home. (*gasp, to not show hospitality to your Kindred was actually viewed as a very major social injustice back then)
This action, in turn, lead the vile ancestor to become an outcast in his tribe, so he began to drink a lot to drown his disconnect from the village, which in turn lead to violent outburst, which lead to him in a fit of rage killing his wife, which of course lead to him being punished to pay the blood debt to her family, which finally lead to him dying bitter, reviled, and alone.
Upon his death, his “luck” (Hamingja) was uninvitedly passed to his child, who had similar Wyrd, and this string of unfortunate events followed the entire family line to poor Joe whom we find today; sad, dejected, and defeated before he even started!

Ok, so seeing as none of us want to be Joe, how -if we recognize this sort of pattern, can we change it?
I mean, can we?

Oh yes we can, and its very simple really!

To rid ourselves of bad Hamingja, there are simple steps to take, BUT they must be followed in the order of their appearance AND ADHERED to. (Think of it like a 12 step program, only there are 9 steps, and you don’t have to go to a secret support group)

1) Take a FEARLESS inventory of yourself and your bad behaviors that reoccur and get you into situations you really would rather not be in AND HAVE A UNWAVERING INTENTION TO FIX THEM.
2) Dig deep, and look for these patterns within your family line, to understand this is the Hamingja you have inherited, and will (if unchanged) pass down to your descendants!
3) Write down all the Hamingja you wish to change on a piece of paper, and gather a thick stand of the finest wool you can find. (if you could spin your own strand more the better, but purchasing one is fine)
4) Go to your Hof or Ve and prepare to do a Blot of change.
5) Begin your Blot as you normally do; and ask for the Norn’s to be present, as well as your Disir; being sure to pour out offerings of welcome and gratitude.
6) Begin a galdr for the change of Hamingja: Be sure to state that this is a rite of change as your intention, and be sure to SCREAM that intention to the Norse nine worlds.
7) Pick up your wool string and begin to sing your Wyrd into change! While holding the string, sing the runes Nauthiz, Hagalaz, thuraz, algiz, Ingwaz, (in that order) WHILE TYING KNOTS For each bad manifestation of bad Hamingja that is in your life. ~Be sure to sing and name each bad inherited trait while tying each knot.
8) As soon as the knots are tied hold the string over a fire and using your hamr via full concentration and Will, UN-TYE EACH KNOT as you sing the runes Jera, Dagaz, Birkana, and Wunjo and be sure to end your song by singing: “this bad Hamingja I inherited from my families line, no longer is mine, nor will my descendants be maligned!
By Fire, need, and solid will, a better hamingja is now fulfilled!”
9) Throw the string in the fire-and send the changed Wyrd to the Norns. Be sure to thank them, and make an Oath you will live very differently from this point onward, proving you are worthy of good Hamingja!

I hope this post is helpful for any Joes out there! Remember, we are the sum of a thousand lifetimes and loves, so its worth it to persevere and change your “luck” as it becomes someone’s Oorlog one day!

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