The Soul Part Of our Mind: Hugr.(Hughr)

For this soul part, I will include an excerpt of one of THE best explanations of Hugr I have found to date; via the book Elhaz Ablaze: A Compendium of Chaos Heathenry, which states:

“The Hughr is in many ways the structuring, analytical, investigative, observing faculty, mostly identified with the intellect. The Myne (minni ) represents the imaginative, visionary, intuitive part of the Soul that brings forth images, symbols, symbols, signs, patterns, feelings, and omenlike occurrences. The Hughr and Myne are of course Odin’s two ravens Huginn and Muninn. Ian Read calls the Wode, Hughr, and Myne the core-triad. This is so because all three must be developed in a careful and balanced way so that the runic learning can happen in a holistic process without bringing imbalance to the psyche. Too much Wode will simply consume you, your everyday personality won’t be able to handle the overwhelming ‘information,’ and psychosis or worse would be the result. An overdeveloped Hughr will make you question everything – the typical academic – or you simply will accumulate a lot of knowledge that you can’t put into action; the armchair scholar or the book-learning occultist who knows everything in theory but nothing in reality. If the Myne is overdeveloped and the Hughr is undeveloped one will be confronted with endless images and patterns that will lose coherence. The result in most cases is the occult ‘master of the astral planes’ or the New Age dolphin channeler, who flies off into cuckoo fairy tale land, seeing everywhere coincidences, secret messages, and magic at work without being able to manifest any real results. So, in a nutshell: The core-triad needs to be developed harmoniously for the seeker to have a meaningful learning process.”

For Odin’s furtherment in knowing all, He knew the best tools for the job would be to send the parts of his mind that could discern/recognize any new information, (think) as well as retrieve/bring back (remember) whatever new insights were to be found. ~Our Norse Ancestors were very clever, and it seems obvious to me by the very names Odin used for the bird forms he send forth as his minds representative’s, Huginn and Muninn, The Norse concept of the mind was very deep.

When Odin sent his Two Ravens out to do his bidding, he sent out an extension of himself (his mind- Hughr) to gain any obscure information that might aid Him in his quest for ‘all knowing.’ Upon return, Huginn and Muninn would share all they found via the duel analytical process that make us uniquely human: our thoughts (self-awareness) and our memory (comparing past events for relevance and decision making)

There are varying views to the true meaning of Muninn’s name, and as the name can’t be clearly defined via old Norse; (there are folks who think the name means memory, and others who think it means mind) I hold the idea it means both. You see in Icelandic the name Muninn actually means ‘difference’ (there is no old Norse reference to that name) and knowing the Norse held great weight in the naming process, I discovered from the University of Texas in Austin Linguistics Research Center; the old Norse word for remember is: ‘muna’; and according to UOT it means: “To think or have thoughts, one must remember the data being received, as well as have the abilities to process and analyze the new information; thereby using their mind in conjunction with past informational data to compare it with.”

Our Mind is a soul part that also needs regular work, attention, and exercise, to keep sharp and attentive.

Sharpening the mind in the powers of concentration requires practice, like everything else in life, be it reshaping your body, to learning to play a new musical instrument; you must do practice, training, and specific exercises to realize a goal of adeptness when it comes to learning any new skill! It is the same idea with developing your concentration. You need training and practice.

Even only five to ten minutes a day of concentration exercises will do you good. Its known for many people, especially adults, the mind does not like discipline, and will resist your efforts to train it. Your mind loves its freedom more than anything else, and unfortunately it will try NOT to allow you to try to discipline it! Your pesky mind will make you forget to do the exercises, or tempt you to postpone performing them. Your free-wheeling mind will find many tricks to occupy your attention with something else. Your mind thinks discipline is punishment!! *E Gads!
So…The choice is yours, to be mastered by the mind and its whims, or to be its master. Below, you will find a few (Free!) simple concentration exercises. By practicing mental work-outs, you CAN train the mind and master it; at any age!

Remember you are not solely your mind, nor the sum of the thoughts that pass through it. Though it might be hard to accept this idea, the mind is not ALL of you, nor is it the real you, but only a PART of you as a tool that you use. It is an instrument, which has great value, but that beautiful, maverick, heathen mind of yours has to be taught to obey you!

For some fun Mind training exercises see:…/brain-exercises-for-memory…

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