When we are learning the arts of seidr, the deepest work we have to learn, I feel, is the Self and all its parts. It is via mastering our own microcosm we begin to skillfully work Wyrd and the macrocosm via adeptness and mastery of every part of us.
This is why the ancient Oracle’s #1 rule to enter the otherworld’s for enlightenment was “Know Thyself.”

Last week I wrote about the Fylgja and how I view it, and this week the post is on the part of us which I feel activates the connection between our intentions (conscious thoughts) and our Soul Self (or astral body) known to our Ancestors as the Fylgja; a.k.a Fetch/follower. The soul part responsible for the activation and conscious use/connection of/to our Flyjga (astral body) is known as the Hamr.

I view our Hamr as the field of energy that surrounds every living thing stemming from within their physical body, yet it is created from the ethereal energy stuff that makes up the entire universe.

Often when I first was becoming acquainted with Norse terminology for concepts that seemed strange, I would investigate surrounding peoples concepts on very similar constructs to decide upon what each term meant for me personally.

To clarify my ideas of the hamr being our surrounding astral energy field that activates our Other souls parts (especially the Fylgja), I looked to our Celtic cousins in Druidry, and there I found they indeed have a soul part of an individual called the Nemeton, and according to Joanna Van Der Hoeven’s article in the OBOD’s NEMETONA’S SANCTUARY, Joanna states the Nemeton as: “That physical space around us, where we feel uncomfortable if someone we do not trust enters, is a valuable space. It is our personal nemeton, a space where our energy exists outside of our bodies. Many liken it to your aura. Some nemetons are strong and radiant, some wounded with gaping holes, others barricaded with steel. What we have to learn, or relearn, is how to open this space in love and trust – that is what Nemetona provides, often in a world wherein we feel no other human is able to provide this for us.”

I then discovered through cross-referencing various spellings on the word Hamr that it also is written as Hama in Anglo Saxon, which leads me to understand, etymology of Old Norse, Old Anglo Saxon, the Gauls and other Germanic-speaking peoples can leave us a bit confused with multiple meanings for the words used to describe spiritual concepts of ancient peoples!

I cannot stress enough, we must always take comparisons of what surrounding cultures of Indo Europe conceptualize for esoteric and mystic teachings, as I know Norse Mysticism is unique; but its not so unique that a common theme or thread of thought processing wouldn’t have been prevalent to the Ancient world back when these concepts were being formed.

As with all spiritual indigenous beliefs, there is always a consistent basis of similar concepts due to the fact I feel, all ancient peoples were connected much more to their Akashic records (Oorlog) and each other, so even if the words were pronounced differently, its only logical they would share very similar concepts and ideas. On the website https://windintheworldtree.wordpress.com/…/the-multi-part-…/, the author discusses the major soul parts on the word Hama (Hamr) and so beautifully says: “The Hama is a bit tougher to get into and somewhat contentious. Hama means a natural covering, a membrane, like the skin shed off of a snake. Yet this meaning does not do the word justice in a spiritual sense.
The Norse connection would be with the cognate Hamr. Within Norse literature we see examples of this concept through the “Hamför” or a journey outside of oneself and in the Havamal Odin claims to know spells to keep witches from returning to their “heim hama” or home skin. Essentially, the Hama is that which is spiritually surrounding us in a covering.”

So with these concepts firmly planet in our minds, we find that via activation of our Hamr,(energy we use for projecting our will into the universe found around the outside of our bodies-think aura but more-)through conscious intention, we use our hamr to then command our Fylgja to either fare forth into the otherworld’s for us, (as our Bodies spiritual double or as a animal, plant, or “other” disguise; OR we can communicate with it directly through Utiseta (meditation) and receive answers from our beloved Dead, our Oorlog (a.k.a Akashic Records, which are the record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. To create Oorlog can take millennia. But no matter how new or ancient of a Soul you are(Flygja), the Akashic energy(Wyrd) holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime.

I did a journey to follow up a new moon ritual I did this past month. In the journey I was seeking manifestation as prescribed by Odin for access to Huginn and Muninn. In this journey I used my Fylgja as it is designed for us to use; to gain access to other worlds.(I cant very well use my physical body, no can I?)
In my otherworld access, I used my Hamr via my intention to change my Fylgja form into that of an owl, as that is how I saw an opportunity to move about Yggdrasill and get the answers I was seeking.

Below is a simple exercise to get to know, feel, and Flex your Hamr. Our hamr is the part of us we use to cast sacred space, so if you can learn to feel it and control it, your magical work will grow in power and effectiveness by leaps and bounds!

Remember, your personal Hamr is that space within and around you which you would not allow anyone but those beings with which you are most intimately acquainted with. You know your Hamr has been breached while on a bus or in a checkout line and someone sits or stands to close to you without your consent. Just as our physical bodies differ, everyone’s Hamr is unique since it can vary in size, color, and shape at any given time, and more interestingly each individual has the capacity to consciously control their Hamr’s composition at will. It is this conscious control that allows us to delineate Sacred pace, also known to Witches as ”Casting a Circle.”

When you extend your Hamr to merge with another’s, you are engaging in a process known in Druidry as ‘defining your edge.’ When you are aware and can control your Hamr’s edge, it is with this ability you broadcast a Circle (create sacred space), for you are extending out from your sacred body space (Hamr) and co-mingling it with the outside world’s space to form an encompassing sphere which is a temporary space to contain your sacred rite. (Hugr) In this next exercise, you are going to practice the art of moving your body’s Hamr out far enough from your body’s physical space that it will actually form an orb about nine feet outward from your being in all directions. Most importantly, with use, you will actually be aware of this aura (hamr)and actually feel its existence, as well as possibly seeing it as a color or perhaps (as I do) colorless waves.

* Begin with finding your feet, which is what I call Centering and grounding.

Look down at your hands and bring them together in prayer position. Slowly bring your palms about 3 inches apart and place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth. Become aware of the heat that is transferring between your palms. Look to see if any sort of color or visual changes are happening in this space between your hands. Don’t obsess too much on trying to see something, just be aware of the energies that are there by feeling them in the form of heat or tingling; the visual aspect might come later.

When you feel your own natural body’s energy become activated,(your hamr) begin to pull your hands farther apart, stopping your progress if you lose the sensation of energy flowing between your hands. To regain the connection, simply bring your palms closer together. Continue this exercise until your hands are extended fully out at arm’s length from your sides.

Breathing deeply and slowly (be careful not to hyperventilate), use your breath to begin pushing your Hamr’s energy about a foot away from your body. Move both hands down towards the ground, visualizing that you are building a sphere of energy into a space that will surround your entire lower body, pushing your arms in the front of you, then sweeping behind you in a graceful arcing motion. (This should take about two sweeps of your arms, one sweep to the front, one sweep to the rear.)

At the end of the sweep to the rear, your palms will be facing upward at shoulder level. Sweep your arms upward over your head, pushing the sphere you are creating with your hamr above your head via your breath and will. Finish creating this Hamr sphere as you lower your hands to about face level, palms facing outward from the front of your upper body.

Now try to “see” your Hamr as a sphere encasing your body. Take a moment now to try to sense if you can feel a change of any kind; for example, is it warmer or cooler, is the air heavy, or do you perceive any color changes or some sort of vibration, sounds or smells?
Most importantly, are you aware of the edge of your Hamr being extended a bit farther, touching the edge of a boundary you have created consciously?

When you are ready, bring your Hamr back to its natural size as it covers your body normally without conscious thought on your part; by retracing these steps in reverse. Always be sure not to allow your hamr’s boundary to reach out farther than you can maintain, as this opens us up to unwanted invasions by other beings’ hamrs (remember the bus analogy above!) In a natural, relaxed state your Nemeton usually is only reaching a few inches outward from your physical body. With practice and awareness, this exercise can be done in moments by simply focusing your mind on your hamr and with each breath pushing it outwards as far as you wish to go.

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