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I am back! (Ivy here)
First of all, I wanted to thank all you beautiful readers here for your diligence in striving to keep the old ways remembered.

Secondly, in keeping with the last post I made before I left for my wilderness quest, I went forth with this question to the 9 worlds: what can we do as 21st Century Volva’s and seidkonnas to keep the traditional Ancient powers of seidr viable, respected, and recongized as we simultaneously keep our selves fully here as contemporary Spa workers?

I was shown the answer lies in balance: reintegrate the old traditions, customs, methodology and skills we can uncover from Ancestral Cultural specific history we do have; while being very much in the hear and now.

I came to Ken, if we truly want our lives to move towards a point of holism and balance, we must relearn how to be once more like our forebears were: aboriginal people.

Yes, even all European people were at one time bands of indigenous people!

And after my trip of almost 8 thousand miles, I came to see the Native Peoples of North America are also seeking to reclaim and remember those skills that are natural to ALL human kind when they are living in a close, personal, hands on and organic, EVERYDAY realtionship with Jord.

I watched the sad faces of tribal elders openly tell me the young reject the old ways of nature and love their cell phones and plastic.

I also met some Canadians who’s Ancestry was from various places in Europe as well as tourists from Austria and Germany. (I would approach random people who seemed willing to chat and I’d ask them what they felt “Indigenous or Aboriginal” meant to them) The visiting folks I spoke with would all begin by stating how they admire the Native People of BC, the Yukon, or the Northwest Territories because they have a colorful indigenous culture that promotes harmony with the natural world. They would all finish with a longing look then say stuff along the lines of: “I wish I had some sort of cultural practices and traditions like they do, I would enjoy the possibility I could KNOW my roots and partake in ancient customs of where my family originated.”

By the time I returned home, (after talking in depth with so many people saying similar things) I have come to understand in this fast changing, technology based (and dying) planet, ALL people (every culture) are being called to relearn their roots: and when trying to reclaim them successfully (mine is Indo European) I have been shown these root-work traditions, (including practices, and skill sets to be intergrated) must be learned as close to/as accurately as possible to their original forms. ~They are called “root-ways” for a reason!

Why? I mean we are high tech people, right?

Right! We can be fully contemporary, but we also need desperately to add the forgotten time honored traditions of holistic, organic self sustaining living to our 21st Century lives!

Forgotten Indigenousness is what’s missing from 80% of the world, and IS what is most wrong with many homosapians, as well as to why we are so easily (without a second thought) systematicly killing the Earth.

To remember and reinstall aboriginal traditions based on the Ancestry each individual reclaimer comes from (and yes Virginia, Scandinavians are/were aboriginal to their topography) ~down to the ways we can intergrate Ancestral ways while living fully TODAY is possible via rediscovered Cultural specific skills known to each tribe we descended from. If we can balance a mix of old and new, we could gain so much healing wisdom that only comes from self sustainabilty. Subsistence living, knowing how to make threads and sew them together, re-learning how to grow and harvest food, living simply and using less resources, (as well as how to come together in small tribes) much like our Ancestors did isn’t impossible,and will (I believe)only aid us fill in the missing spaces within contemporary daily life.

The quest of re-adopting ones Ancestral organic Aboriginal living is universally a human condition world over; the only difference being each demography of the spacific culture will vary with traditional specifics, depending upon its location.

I just returned from almost 40 days as we went trekking into the Alaskan, Yukon, Northwest territories, Alberta, and BC Canada to get answers from the Old Ones.

I found by talking with (and actually doing ceremony along side of) many tribes of Canada and Alaskan First People who too are being called to reclaim thier traditions, we are indeed seeking the same thing: wanting to live a full contemporary life filled with not only modern marvels, but also with Ancestral Wisdom; both spiritually and with sustainable living practices.

And to be clear: cultural specific indigenous reclaiming is NOT a form of racism, elitism, or being non inclusive.

Each person has Indigenousness to their people, and to reclaim a ancient tradition properly, one must learn those traditions as pathways, correctly, and as close to how they were done as possible~so one must become immersed within those generations long Tribe Specific ways of living that was their Ancestral heritage; (and more importantly)which holds answers for holistic living, as it IS their family linage.

I came to realize for the survival of this planet, we (as ALL people) must do the same to try to stave off the damage done to this planet via “culture homogeneous-nation.”

We each can have a link to Ancestral knowledge; we simply need to trust each specific culture really has indigenous people to call on~just some of us need to reach back 1500 years to remember!

Like the North American First Nations, we can awaken and reconnect with Ancestral Guidance, no matter where on the planet they originated; the secret is to work hard, learn your Ancestors Ancient language, the original ways of living WITH the Earth that they followed, as well as the cultural traditions of dress, song, and tribal spirituality that allowed them a full happy life.

We must then diligently apply all that ancient wisdom into contemporary everyday living!

I am excited to be back, as there is much work to do!

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