A new Day!

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Good morning Dear Readers!

I want to make the announcement in tandem with my distance learning course; I will be offering one on one LIVE immersion intensives about the Arts of Seidr.

I met a beautiful wise First Nation woman named Roxanne from the Xat’súll tribe in BC who’s words really hit home. She said “To know a path or tradition, to remember the ways, one must live it.
Not just be shown it as a explanation or to be told to read about it~you got to LIVE IT.”

That really stuck me as truth, then as if it was sign when I arrived back home I was granted an amazing opportunity to become a hands-on teacher once again to Traditionally show any apprentice the deep history of the Germanic/Teutonic people.

-which in turn made me realize I work best as a hands on Volva; you know, a live and-in-the-flesh-real time, Healer and Seidkonna!

So I am opening a physical location as a work space where I will take on in the flesh apprenticeships or clients that want to experience first hand Spa, Northern Core Shamanic healing, stone work, herbal work sound therapy and more.

We are building a small “Norse mysteries” venue perfect for workshops, and immersion experiences; with a sweat lodge, a “shaman shack” some outbuildings for rain, and a covered fire pit along side a mountain stream backed for miles with deep forest all around.

If you really wanted to take my distance learning class in the past, the good news is The Asatru Community now has stewardship of the original course which I still will teach, and it’s now an open enrollment, so one can begin at any time.

TAC will also be adding other distance learning class of Heathenry, and of course we have the Clergy training program; one of the most thorough Norse pagan Gothi/Gythia programs available.

I have been honored to be given the sacred task of Sherpa/Guide to my many students these past couple of years, and any one looking to begin learning the Occult Heathen ways via distance learning are in capable hands at TAC.
(Besides training people about seidr, as V.P. I am always available to answer questions about any aspect of Heathenry from time to time!)

Anyhoo; its been such an amazing sacred journey sharing this learning adventure with so many of you already; I am consistently in awe at the life changes I have watched anyone who follows this calling make in every aspect of their lives for the better.

~I hope to perhaps “meet you in the flesh” one day!

May the Gods of our Ancestors smile upon all you do, and may the Old Ways someday be fully remembered!


Ivy M

*For more information, to book a workshop or to begin a live apprenticeship or a healing/Spa session,go to:

OR contact me at : treegrog@outlook.com
Mention “Norse Mysteries in the Mountains” on the subject line!

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