Honor through self discipline

This meme came at a perfect time, as today I wish to discuss the importance of having discipline within a Heathen life.

Back in the day, Elders of the community would work one on one with the young, assuring the Traditions and ways of living would be passed on and followed as taught.

Today with all the overload of information available, many seekers have tons to read, but when it comes to actual 21st century application, here is where many falter, and much of this is due to lack of discipline in developing a living practice based on taught, regular, sacred ceremony or rites; as well as an everyday application of what kennings we glean from the Ancient Norse mythology we have left to us.

We must ask ourselves do we live each day with honorable, PRACTICAL application within our selves and within our tribes and community?

Do we regularly honor the land we stand upon with aware stewardship, do we honor our Ancestors with consistent sumbels, and do we offer up frequent blots to the God’s and to the wights?

Do we know and honor the seasonal changes and mark those auspicious occasions with celebration and revelry?

All this takes discipline, commitment and dedication. Like any skill, with practice we become adept, and as self sovereign heathens, our wish is to demonstrate to the nine worlds we are indeed masters of our own long-ships, and we have our feet firmly planted in the Now by being experienced in recalling and reclaiming the past.

Do your path with confidence, strength and unwavering commitment! The discipline you create will shine through in living a full Heathen life that makes our forebears proud, and you’ll have the joy of that feeling of confidence that accompanies a full, Heathen infused, well lived life of being one with The Old Ways!


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