Now offering Live, one-on-one apprenticeships!

Ever wonder what it would be like to reclaim your ancestral roots and learn as they did in the past with a one-on-one apprenticeship as a seiðr practitioner and Volva/Vitki?

I am happy to announce, I am now accepting a handful of people to personally train one on one. This apprenticeship is for those called to learn the ancient arts of Indo-European shamanism and root-work.

This will be a immersion type experience that begins with either a 22 day long live-in apprenticeship, or it can be done in three long weekend stays consisting of Friday through Sunday.

In both programs participants learn the Arts of Seiðr; both Traditional and those of modern world application.

You get trained in Utiseta (Trance-focused meditation), Forn seiðr (healing skill sets), The traditional songs (vardlökkur and galdr), and ritual construction (Blots, Sumbels, and will also learn intention manifestation via rites and ceremonies).

For both kinds of immersion you get all of your meals and housing supplied.

After the live in-house training ends, you go home with a self guided 9 month continuing education curriculum to cement your Immerson experience into your everyday life.

The cost for the 22 day in house apprenticeship(and the follow up 9 month self guided study) is $3500.00, and the 3 long weekend visits(9 days total) with the 9 month self guided at home follow up, is $1500.

I advise a phone conversation and interview first and foremost, so we both can decide if it is a good fit!

I am assuming you have read the Edda’s and the Icelandic sagas, but if you haven’t yet, you might benefit to begin with the Völuspá,as well as the Icelandic saga of Eric the Red’s rendition of “the little Volva.”

This course is serious; and it requires a lot of disciplined, dedicated study and reading -all the books on my suggested reading list below are books that will enlighten you to the arts of ecstatic occult work, which is THE basis of seiðr; both then and now.

Moreover, you must understand that this path of Norse Mysticism has very scant historical records of how these arts were performed. However, with diligent investigation, (and by drawing intelligent informed conclusions) we can piece together an authentic, recognizable Tradition; not only from the Edda’s and the sagas, but from the surrounding surviving forms of aboriginal cultural shamanism (the Sami people for example) which are still practiced today.

These methods of kenning make a good base for re-inventing and re-awakening of effectual Spa/Spae work. That is what you will do within this Immersion experience. Along with the nine month study, you will revive in this modern world, the ancient arts that our ancestors held as sacred and powerful.

I cannot teach you the methods exactly as they were learned from the times of the Edda’s and the Sagas-those memories are hidden in the rocks and mud, However, we can call on the Landvættir, our Ancestors, and The Gods of Norse Cosmology to ask for the memories that Odin himself had come to know and make them manifest; via contemporary application of what traditional techniques DID survive in documented history. (as well as common Indigenous practices still being followed across the globe today)

We can re-member and unlock much of the Ancient wisdom that is still hidden within our blood and bones!

In nine months’ time, your goal is to become proficient in the contemporary arts of Spa(e) Work based on ancient Indo-European Traditions still left to us. These arts included:
How to perform ritual and set up your space for Spa(e) work.
Auspicious times in the Norse traditions and universal components that enhance Spa(e) work.
How to induce trance states, and channel messages from wights, Disir, the Gods and the dead.
Proficiency with the use of the tools of the craft
Powerful energy work and manipulation to manifest your intended will (magic/Spell work). This includes all forms of dance, drumming, drawing, sculpting, sewing, weaving, chanting, etc..
Adeptness of Galdr and the understanding of the “runes”; both the Furtharks and incantations.
Locating your guardian Disir and other wights as allies.
Honoring and accessing the Gods, through Myths and Ritual.
How to read omens.
Knowledge of plants and herbs, for healing and magic.
How to call on animal spirit helpers.
How to use rocks and crystals.

Each day we will work on all the skill sets needed to be a proficient Volva and seiðrkonna in the 21st century world.

By using Mythology as our starting point, each apprentice will learn the crucial path ways to being a competent healer, energy worker and Priestess; all within the parameters of the Indo-European occult work known as seiðr.

I will give you some information as to why these elements are pertinent to your craft, but it is up to each of you to locate, study, call on, work with, and thoroughly become intimate with each of the elements of Norse Shamanism and Northern Witchcraft you will learn. It is only through PRACTICE, (which is why we will work in person) not just reading, can we truly become adept at anything.

I have found the titles Volva/Vitki and seiðr to be interchangeable; as both Traditions do much the same sort of things: They use a combination of tools and procedures to bring about seeing into other worlds, and then bring back to our world (Midgard) the messages or information sought, and then, with tools and learned skills, they direct the power of the will to manifest the needed changes in the web of Wyrd.

Throughout the Immersion experience, I will refer to all of us a Spa(e) workers, since for me that encompasses our traditions nicely. (You may refer to yourself with whatever title you feel is most accurate for you.)

I also include a almost 500 page manual created just for this live apprenticeship that I send to you via snail-mail upon booking your stay.

This one-on-one training is dedicated to a deep immersion in The Völuspá, as much as it is a very detailed course on the actual practices of song and theory as survived in historical texts, Scandinavian, Germanic/Teutonic Folkways of song and cultural arts, as well as modern Northern Core Shamanic techniques.

It is an ADVANCED class about the practices Northern European Shamanism, Indo-European Witchcraft, and all the skill sets that accompany this very powerful and very in-depth way of life.

This course teaches IN DEPTH, the Lore pertaining to seiðr and the volva, and what our Ancestors knew worked as a personal and working relationship with Indo-European Cosmology. This nine-month study course will be a guided immersion that will accompany not just workbooks and other literature, it will also have MUCH hands on training and immersion.

This working, hands-on course offers you the opportunity to acquire the skills, experience, and knowledge you need to practice as a confident, effective contemporary Indo-European shamanic healer and seer, based on the history and tradition of The Old Ways.

This seiðr Studies program will also prepare you to practice professionally as a Northern shamanic practitioner, allowing you to set your own private healing practice, should you choose to do so. This is a Master guided training, with one-on-one, in-depth tutoring from me.
Each day, students receive the concepts and details of meditations and skill sets they are required to do be an adept healer,as well as a seer and a seiðrkonna.
This course is for the practitioner who wishes to have a working knowledge of our History and Lore as Norse witches and shamans.

This immersion course is geared toward someone who has begun to blaze Her or His own trail in the 9 worlds; but wishes to go deeper into the self, the Tree of Life, and of course, the nine worlds.

This is well beyond my distance apprenticeship that I already have offerd; as we will be going deep within the Mythos of the Ancient Völva, and via reading and examining the lore, by personal ritual and ceremonial work; all demonstrated and worked through in the daily live workshops. We will camp out frequently at the well of Urd!

This is a course that will take on the initiation of the thrice-burned witch, and you will emerge changed, wiser, and more powerful of a person. I also draw from an initiation-only form of shamanic witchcraft that was passed to me, so each student will be versed in the tradition of reclaiming the Indo-European way of occult work and shamanism.

In this hands-on Immersion class, each participant will learn the practical applications of the pivotal concepts of Spa, Galdr, and seiðr work with is essential to become adept in the Norse Mystical arts. We will explore and delve deeply into the 5 major components that comprise a Völva/Vitki’s practice and make it unique to any other form of world-wide mysticism; the SELF, the STAFF, the SONG, the SEAT, and the SPIRITS. We will accomplish this by using timed tested techniques that address the categories of MIND< BODY< LUCK<RUNES<and CALLING, and this will be done by the following ways each day:
1. How to build and charge a Seiđrstallr (your high seat and the area around it)
2. Basics of Utiseta and Out-sitting
3. Creating Galdr and other traditional songs used by our ancestors for trance work
4. Omen taking journal (developing your own omen taking system) ~Not just the Runes; although we will be working with them thoroughly!
5. Designing healing/spell craft based on lore.
As you can see, these in-depth practices are essential to the Idea of being a true Volva/Vitki, and can be implemented with whatever studies you are undergoing right now.

Finally,we will set aside time where any questions that need asking, any verification of terms, experiences, visions, pitfalls, etc.., all will be answered within the personal workshops held just for each practitioner.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for you to enter Yggdrasil and see some of the 9 worlds. This will change your life for the better, but only after a lot of sacrifice of your time and attention. To do this path with proficiency means you will have to give up the modern tech-y trappings while you are here; meaning social media and other distractions that right now is filling up your time.

This is an art and skill, and only with practice time after time will you see results. Will this be worth it, I hear some of you ask? ~I say ask Odin if this sort of kenning he sought from Freya was even more important to him than Mimirs wisdom, what is contained within the Well of Urd was worth far more than his right eye….

Here is a suggested reading list to expand your understanding for this course:
The History of Runic Lore, Galdrs of the Edda, and Heathen Rites of Ancient Nordic Chronicles by Swedish runologist Lars Magnar Enoksen.

THE ICELANDIC BOOK OF FUÞARK, and SORCERER'S SCREED both by The Icelandic Magic Company.

Remedies and Rituals: Folk Medicine in Norway and the New Land, by Kathleen Stokker.

Healing Touch, by Valerie Wright

Elves, Wights, and Trolls by Kveldulf Gundarsson

Make Magic of Your Life by T.Thorn Coyle

A Witch's Book of Silence By Karina BlackHeart

Elhaz Ablaze a compendium of Chaos Heathenry

Wyrdwalkers by Raven Kaldera

You will also benefit from reading Witches and Pagans by Max D., Elements of Magic By Jane Meredith, The Sacred and the Profane, famed historian of religion Mircea Eliade, and the book of ceremony by Sandra Ingerman. The one book besides my own that I feel is mandatory for this apprenticeship is a book on audio format, and I recommend you listen to it BEFORE staring the curriculum called "Kissing the limitless" by T.Thorn Coyle.

For the entire course which includes housing and meals for each in-person workshop is $3500.00, or by paying a $1500.00 for the three long weekend retreats. a non-refundable deposit with the balance paid via monthly payments of $225.00.

~If this is your time to reclaim your ancestral roots, contact me at: to set up a phone interview to see if this apprenticeship is right for you!

Ivy C Mulligan
Owner of the 21st Century Heathen
Ordained Gythia, and vice president of The Asatru Community. Inc
Volva and contemporary Seidkonna

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