The powers of the Magus: To know, To Will, To Dare, To be Silent, and to Manifest.


The concept of the Witch’s Pyramid was first described in The Ritual Book of Magic by Clifford Bias. Bias states: “The Magus, the Theurgist, the True Witch stand on a pyramid of power whose foundation is a profound knowledge of the occult, whose four sides are creative imagination, a will of steel, a living faith and the ability to keep silent.” This concept was expanded upon in T.Thorn Coyle’s book: Make Magic of Your Life, which I ascribe to the same notion as Thorn: “the Witch’s Pyramid as a five-sided model that helps us understand the interaction of five important magical principles: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent, To Manifest.”
~ Clifford Bias concept is pertinent whether you are a Norse Witch or a Witch from ANY tradition!

I can’t stress enough these five concepts or principals are the cornerstones of magic for all witches of any path. Each of these principles are hinging upon each other, as together, unified, each concept forms a functioning cohesive flow of “complementary axioms”.

Imagine that each of these five principles forms a side of an enclosed box. If any one of the sides to the box (as well as the top or bottom) is missing or has holes in it, the magical energy enclosed within this box will escape and the resulting intended magic will be ineffective.

A Modern day Völva/Vitki fearlessly examines her/his “Box” on a REGULAR basis to seal up these holes or missing sides. At the same time, s/he corrects the missing sides in her/his own character.

One of the biggest sides of our magical box most Volva’s or Vitki’s overlook is the power of silence. “To Keep Silent” does not mean “to keep your rituals secret”.

“To keep silent” means to become still within and without. Only in Silence can we have awareness of the subtle energies and kennings that are all around us. We use Silence to clear our mind of distractions in meditation.

To fully become aware of subtle currents, instincts, emotions, and messages during Spa, it obviously requires us to have easy access to Silence.

Unequivocally, it is important to keep your powerful magical workings to yourself in silence so that a tender magical intention can’t be crushed or thwarted by ill wishing or negating thoughts, however, Silence means much more to a Witch than simply ‘not telling all.’ Silence therefore represents knowing and awareness, not just secrecy!

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