Wyrd weaving

Sometimes, whether created intentionally or not, certain locations can exude a ‘bad’ or malicious energy imprint within the wyrd fabric of a location or place.
These energies can be human or wight generated, and can be so strong, its bad Hamingja can actually attach to unsuspecting visitors, especially if they happen to be Wyrd workers, and more so if they happen to be doing seiðr or ritual work in the negatively impacted location.

This post is from a conversation I had with one of my students yesterday, about two groups who used a small plot of land but for very different reasons.
My student’s group is a Kindred of Heathens, who regularly meet and honor old heathen rites there.

They, since the beginning of their group gatherings, made sure to honor the land Vattier, and had good report with the wights of place.
After each gathering, all would go home feeling invigorated and connected; which in turn made their everyday lives more empowered, as this is the point of sacred ceremony in the first place: to re-root and keep on our feet firmly on the path of our Ancestors.

The other group, however, was of the darker workings; calling upon outliers and malevolent wights, seeking the heady power that is so easily granted, yet that comes with the price of Naudiz from the Wyrd within the wights existence.

After a time, the Heathen group began to notice feelings of unease within their ceremonies, and soon the negative wyrd began to follow them home; disrupting their lives, looking to be fed a steady diet of disruption, anger, woe and chaos.

So when my student came to me for help on how to clear up this unwanted hamingja, here is how I prescribe seiðr to sever the ties of unwanted Wyrd:

1) Attune yourself to the place; sensing all the subtle energies around you. State the intention you come in peace, and wish to remove any malevolent strands of wyrd woven into the location due to ‘angry’ wights or human fylgja.
2) Make a need fire and hallow the space by offering Blot and oaths of service to the Landvættir. Then walk the parameters of the effected space three times Joiking a call for unity and peace. (I use first a bullroarer, then smudge, then my drum)
3) Then call upon your Disir to uphold the space, and ask all outliers to witness, but not meddle in your work, also leave offerings for them OUTSIDE your ritual space.
4) Get your Stav, and make your Seiđrstallr in the center of the space.
5) Begin by sitting or standing and go into trance holding your Stav as a representation of Yggdrasil, and also as your distaff for winding up (spinning) the disruptive Wyrd.
6) Sing a vardlökkur with the intention to call in the Nornir and ask to see the stands of ill intended Wyrd.
7) Sway and get into a deeper trance, and while in trance collect with a spinning motion any strands you see.
8) Try to stay in this semi trance state, as you then walk the Wyrd to the need fire, and while thrusting your stave with the wound Wyrd to burn it away, Galdr a incantation (a Galdr is a yelled alliterated chant-rhyme) of your screamed will you are destroying the baneful Wyrd. Be sure with your chant to include the Futhark’s Hagalaz, Algiz, and Bircana.
9) Finally seal the area with another Galdr of protection, as you once again walk the space’s boundaries; using a rhyme that includes the Furtharks: Thuruz, Twaz, and Mannaz.

Walk around the space when done, hallowing it with juniper, and offer special thanks of Blot to the Nornir and all the helpful wights including your Disir and the Vattier.

Pointers: You spin the Wyrd with your Stav, by wrapping round it, like you are making cotton candy.

~That’s why our ancestors had distaffs on the end.

For this very purpose of spinning and gathering Wyrd strands.

Remember to thrust your Stav end into the fire to burn the wyrd off, but don’t burn your Stav!

~Our ancestors had iron Staves; perhaps it’s because they didn’t burn so well! 😉

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