Call to Duty; Worldwide ritual to Stop the Amazon/Arctic wildfires.

Background for this Ritual:

This is a “Call to Arms” sort of speak, and I am asking ALL practitioners or followers of The Old Ways to come forward, and use the skills sets you have trained within your entire spiritual lives to aid the earth in her most dire time of need.

Anyone interested in participation will want to read this just before beginning the ritual:

I will not sugar coat this post, nor its need to be done simultaneously by any and all Earth Based spiritual practitioners, be you a Norse Volva or Seidkona, a Shaman, a Druid, or a Witch.

The Earth, our only home and source of life is burning.
Nerthus or Jord, as my tradition calls her, is being burned alive by her own children; us.

If these fires in both the two largest forests of our planet -both the Amazon and the Arctic forests- aren’t stunted and stopped, WE WILL ALL PERISH.
All you who live in fear and deny the fact we stand on the precipice of Ragnarök, I know this message won’t reach you: but to all the aware and awakened spiritual root workers, it is time to come together and globally work our magic’s for a common cause that we are all trained for~ Survival and the continuation of life as we know it.

We can do this by uniformly setting our wills upon calling rain to douse the fires raging out of control, by summoning the most Ancient of Ancestors who are so old, They connect us ALL to each other and the earth, and finally by sending our conscious intention to change the trajectory of Wyrd; so human kind wakes up, and can truly SEE the destruction happening before our very eyes.

I pick the Date of the New moon, and this New Moon on Friday, August 30, 2019. It is at 6 degrees Virgo, joins Mars, the planet of strength, energy and sexuality. Mercury and Venus are also close to the new moon which reigns in the aggressive side of Mars. It helps you get in touch with your most passionate desires and share them, so it’s an auspicious time to call on rain, and to stop a wild-fire.
I choose the universal time of 12 PM Greenwich Time, as that is High noon, the traditional time for fast moving, sweeping changes.

To make this ritual familiar for ALL Earth based paths, we will use both a drumming circle and a circle dance, as well as sympathy magic and Wyrd weaving, represented by making a physical web of Urd infused with the intention of a net, to stop the greedy destruction of our resources consumed by asleep humans.
The drum is one of the oldest musical instruments known. In ancient cultures drumming was a sacred function. The rhythm of drumming and dancing connects us with nature and the heartbeat of life.

Dancing is a universal way of raising our energy to meet the limitless, and it allows us to break free of our worldly bonds and meet the place of ecstasy.
Songs and singing our spell work has been a way all shamanic and magical, (as well as deeply spiritual) beings share their inner essence with the outside world; as it links the within to the without; the micro cosmos to macrocosm.
Finally, this will all be done within a circle, which is one of the oldest and most elemental symbols of mankind. It is also a symbol of perfection and wholeness. It represents unity and endlessness. It echoes the recurring cycles of life and death and rebirth, of the sun and moon and seasons. The circle reminds us that all events, all life, and everything in the universe is connected in a perpetual flow of energy. Within a circle when we drum, dance, sing our soul songs, and work our magic, power and strength is evoked.

Gather up a beautiful bowl and a special cup or horn to hold water, fine Mead, wine, or organic milk and honey, a blue candle, an offering to use as sacrifice, and some natural cordage of your choosing, be it flax, hemp, wool, silk or cotton.

Have a table or Altar set up with your items as your focal point and Axis representing the World Tree. (give yourself enough room to dance around it), as this is how we will raise our power to send along with our intention to the fires burning out-of-control.

Gather your Drum, and adorn yourself in blue and white clothing, and turquoise and/or opal if you have any.

Prepare your ritual space as you normally would by grounding and then by honoring the Landvættir (spirits of place) and asking them to lend a hand in this magical working. Be sure to give a offering of pure water and your blood, sweat or tears here. (I use a diabetic lancet to get some drops of blood and mix it with the water I offer.)

Call in the Ancient ones with a song of calling. (In my Tradition it is called a vardlökkur), but any song that stirs ancestral memories of Humans living with Indigenous unity and co-creation in Ancient times will do.

Be sure to weave your strength and urgent demand (respectfully, but unerringly) for Their Ancient Wisdom and help into your song of calling, as your vardlökkur will be carried to them by the power of your emotional need to be hearkened to. Be sure to offer a sacrifice (a gift ~I use the finest mead), of meaning for Their aid.

2)Casting the Circle:

This is the time of rain and life, a time to summon the vital rhythm of life. We will cast our circle by naming ourselves, and by stating our shared intention to quench the fire burning and to help save Mother earth from our own destructive hands.

Walk the parameters nine times by drumming and invoking a boundary of time and space, a portal and Vé between the worlds.

3)Call the Directions:

Each participant will call upon the four corners of the Earth and ask for their aid using galdr (a loudly chanted rhyme) and specific drum sounds*.
In my tradition they are known as Dwarves but call on them in the way that is familiar to you.

Offer them gifts of sacrifice as you state to each one you summon your intention of Rain making and Earth healing, requesting each Direction aid and returning a gift for Their Attention of this World Wide Rite of Healing.

*Drum Sounds.
Use these distinct sounds just before evoking each direction.
• North: Slap a hand against the center of the drumhead (avoiding a resonating sound) in a slow rhythm.
• East: Brush a finger over the drumhead in a circular motion .
. South: With a drumstick, make a staccato rhythm at the edge of the drumhead .
. West: With a drumstick, create a deep resonating rhythm in the center of the drumhead.

4)Invoking the Aid of the Gods:

It is time to call upon those Divine beings you serve; and again, in my Tradition we use a form of ballad being called a Kaud; which invokes the gods you serve by telling of Their great deeds and by honoring their legends and names; however, again, do this anyway you see fit and feel will get Their attention to aid you in this great working of healing and survival, using your Drum in an alternate a rhythm and counter-rhythm. When you feel They are present Tell them of your intention and prepare to dance The Dance for Rain.

5)The dance and the Work:

Begin drumming and moving deosil around your altar, letting your body move and your steps quicken as they naturally feel you should. (I use at first a step ball change foot configuration along with a grapevine, till I begin to gain momentum and then I just let myself go and dance)
Become fully engaged in the rhythm and allow your consciousness to shift inward.

You may find that you begin to journey. Go with the energy flow as it may reveal information you need at this point in your life.

When it feels appropriate, begin to sing a calling for rain to the fires: holding that image in your mind as you sing (I use a the Sami form of Joiking here- but sing a song of calling you feel powerful with) and continue to build energy till you feel the time is right to send it towards the forests that are on fire.

Picture a force of all life so strong it permeates the stratosphere and loads the clouds with rain seeds.

Cry out or scream a release of your will bashing the drum like it thunder before a Storm.

Bring your work to a conclusion and your activity to stillness. Say: “May my will of rainmaking quench the fires of Jord and send a ripple of joy out to the world.”

6)Weaving a Web of Healing

Go to your altar and put down your drum, lighting your blue candle as a need-fire to the norn’s.

In the air sbove the candle, trace the Futhark Need, which looks like an eschew cross.

Call them by name; Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.

From your bowl of water, as you contemplate the importance of water, fill your horn (or cup) with cool, clear Springwater. Before drinking, say: “I partake of this life-giving water. Let it nourish my body and soul. Just as the well of Urd feeds the world tree and all life on this planet, I use the power of laguz (Old Norse rune for water) to begin to weave the Wyrd of continued life and destiny for All Earths creatures, great and small. Thank you Great Norn’s for your gift of this water of fate.”

Drink deeply of the water, then pour the rest out on the ground, saying: “from the well of Wyrd I send you back, may the link never be broken or slack.”

Pick up your thread and summon the Nornir, asking for their power of change.
Next think of what you enjoy most about life as well as memories of special things and events. Allow yourself to think of each pleasure or memory, take several strands of yarn in whatever colors (if desired) are appropriate to an element or two related to your memory. Pour your memories of life and living into this cordage; infusing the dance of life to continue; with healing, joy and holism for ALL life on Jord.

Holding this intention of changing our destiny toward life; Braid, weave, or tie the pieces of thread together as you think of the seasons of life continuing.
Create a “web” of life sustaining memories. As you do so, chant: “Weaving memories, to and fro, braiding lifetimes as I go.”

When you are finished braiding and tying pieces together, hold the web of wyrd you wove and feel the power of the joy you have woven into this web of memories. When you are ready, lay it on your altar in the bowl of water, and say: “Nornir! I offer you my joys and pleasant lifetime memories! Let this wyrd of Ragnarök not totally destroy all of Jord’s face and body! Let their be Life and hope to continue the dance of the future!! I offer you thanks and this sacrifice as a gift requires a gift!”

Here you may gift up something of significance to the fate weavers.


Pick up your drum and walk to the edge of the circle in the respective direction began as you Thank and bid farewell to each wight and entity you summoned to aid you and witness this rite.

After speaking, extinguish the candle on the altar. Stand in front of the altar when addressing the Gods you had summoned, thanking them and pouring out mead while hailing Their names.

Thank the Nornir and vow to hearken their will. Pour out the rest of the water to them.

Take the yarn web and carry it as you walk around your circle saying:
“By Urd Life, it’s joys and memories grow, just as this devastating fire season soon must go. Let these healing thoughts stay with me, As time goes on, so mote it be.”

“This rite is ended and let us all unite our powers for the betterment of all!”

Take your web of healing and bury it deep within Jord, thanking the Landvaettir for all their support.


  1. I am still a beginner but w all urgency and respect,I will do this. I love my Mother Earth and feel her pain and anguish, I’ve felt her trembling thru my feet for a long time now. I believe we all together can stem this accumulated disrespect,we MUST.


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