Balance of fire and ice

Hailsa! This is a duel post beginning with commentary from one of my graduate apprentices, Author and Artist Carrie Barcomb; with commentary by myself. (Ivy Mulligan)

This post pertains to a Heathens occult view of the environmental devastation happening today.

You see dear readers, I feel just as our Ancestors knew, Mythos is crucial to understanding the workings (Physical and ethereal) of all the nine worlds: especially Midgard and how we humans treat scared things.

“I want to share an interesting, but ominous, epigraph from Robert McFarlane’s book titled Underland. It reads: “The void migrates to the surface…” The words are somehow more haunting because the source is from a textbook called Advances in Geophysics, published in 2016… “The void migrates to the surface…”

I also want to share a short story I started writing 3 years ago, inspired by our local Dragonpipe Diary blog, which provides information about massive fossil fuel tankers called dragon ships. I was also inspired from touring a beautiful, but oddly unbreakable wooden boat, handcrafted and engineered to withstand even the harshest Atlantic Ocean storms. On the wooden beams there are carvings symbolic of adventure and togetherness and victory, which I later learned was owned by a fossil fuel tycoon. My story is called:

Forgotten People

How would you feel? It came to sacrifice our people. To take possession and poison our small towns and old family farms. Now hidden beneath the surface lies a powerful rotting dragon, seething with invisible, putrid breath; so foul, it fells anyone who comes too close. It lies in wait. All day. All night. Beneath children’s swing sets and neighborhood vegetable gardens.

This insidious beast was once only a myth, but I assure you, it is real. It slithers in tunnels of depths unknown. Its sinister spit spoils our waters. It’s burned our woods and homes, scorching the earth, leaving deep craters. It was laid here by the so-called chosen ones. They came here to worship their hollowed out corpse pet and all its poison. We were invaded. While we slept, it was written with handshakes between cowboy boots and tailored suits. Now our people are trapped and silenced in its toxic shadow.

We will not rest until we know our people are safe, we are reminded of words spoken long ago:

“As our land turns dark, and we are marked;
It is up to us to earn our worth for this old, dying earth.
Lest we fall, we shall rise above to heed the dire call;
From human hell-fires we bring changes to defeat this dragon of sick, morbid desire,
For in this work for you and me, we must bind our fate to be free.”
-Carrie Barcomb~Artist and Author; Graduate Seidkonna of the 21st Century Heathen.

I saw the correlation to the above ‘beast’ as a metaphor we have lost the balance of the two Norse worlds of creations elemental forces: fire and ice.

The fire IS the fast moving projective power of the Void of creation, called Muspelheim, but, it’s no longer balanced with the land of mist, the receptive and contemplative power of creation; which is named Niflheim, the other half of the creation Void.

I am coming to see, as Volvas and Vitkis, we all must sing to life balance, so both worlds unite and create life anew!

In other words, I ken since we have become dependent on man made “stuff” to live our lives; only the destructive consuming fire part of the void is being sung into the surface of Midgard by us.

Do you see??

We must quench the dragon with life giving water: literally h20, and figuratively, with love, peace, receptivity of keen awareness and understanding, as well as the solidness of Isa; which manifests as true sight and the unwavering understanding of our world, our actions and our choices on how we choose to live life in the 21st century.

That “cooling” then brings us the missing balance brought on by the greed of fire; breathed into life by our dependence on the Dragon’s birthed by the industrial revolution.

So dear readers, you who have the kennings to hear: sing of a song of balance and welcome to deeper understanding. All the nine worlds will be better for powerful harmony we can create as a tribe of Seidr workers!


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  1. A short story that should send out a message to all those like minded people of the world that we must act now to save that which is dear to us and vital for our survival.

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