Ode to the Völva.


What would it be like to be obscure and meek?
Why must it be my voice, driven to speak?
~to call out the way to the path they seek?

Why is it me who needs to be heard?
I ask this of the cosmos, to Those I Serve.
“I can’t spell, or type -nor use the right words;
My views are unwelcome, my ideas? absurd!”

“Because dear Daughter, we made you that way,
To show other kin every soul has a say;
You see there are thousands of ways to us-
And that journey always begins with Trust.”

I ponder this as I start my rite
Weaving and singing deep into the night.
“I see so much hate, so much pain and strife!
~Why does this have to be my life?!”

“Because dear Daughter not all are bad;
Some are injured, lost, or sad.
Look for the unity that lies within,
~In that thread the healing begins.”

So I search for the thread that within us unites,
All the human things shared, of triumphs and strife.
“I am not that strong, and the expectations are too much!
I can’t stop the trauma, the pain, or bad luck!”

“Oh dear Daughter, there are ways of your world,
That will never change, nor be right if unfurled .
The task is to learn Joy is had by living:
~to share of the knowledge we thrive on by the act of giving.
Hope is the balm better days are ahead;
Even when loss makes everything seem dead.”

So I give my offerings, I say the spell,
Determined that destiny turns out well.
“But what if I’m quite? I can just sit and see!
~There truly are better voices than me!”

“Oh dear daughter that IS the way,
EVERYONE has a truth to say;
They sound different or odd when first they are said,
But eventually these truths are how ALL life is lead.

Take heart in the power Integrity gives,
Accept and honor how other Folk live-

But stay to your path, and guide with your voice;
Tell the world there is freedom; a freedom called CHOICE.

That power of free will is the strongest known,
Even to the Gods has this mystery been shown.

Continue to speak, to muse, to share,
Continue to love, to hope and dare.”

As I gather my things and head in to the house,
my path is crossed by the tiniest mouse.

A whisper on the winds of change I hear;
“and one more thing Daughter dear!
~To be timid and meek aren’t the way of the Witch;
It’s by freedom of choosing, THAT’S your birthright, and niche.”

~Ivy M, 2018

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