Spirits in the Wires


So, to help combat the powerlessness we sometimes feel, I saw a post from one of my students, Dylan Rae Wulf, about being sensitive to the vibes of the interwebs.

I had to walk away from daily use of technology because I was being shown the vibration and unnatural power it wields, though at times useful, is beyond our understanding of it’s all encompassing foreign influence on our bodies, minds and soul.

We must remember it’s a man made entity if you will, an artificial intelligence created by man’s need for ultimate all knowing; and like all forces called into being by humans who can be reckless with wielding our will into the cosmos, the created force of “the internet” has become a life force of its own- given the continuance of its life force by all the people who feed it, both beneficially and as a maligned entity.

Charles de Lint wrote a book called “Spirits in the Wires” and although it’s a fantasy novel, like all mythos there is truth in it’s telling.
I enjoyed de Lint’s take on the internet being a place inside the spirit world, and that it’s inhabited by spirits that seek to gain what they can in the form of devotions from people who use certain sites. The mainline of the story follows Christy Riddle and his shadow Christiana as they quest to find Saskia, Christy’s girlfriend, who was sucked into cyberspace when a virus hit a site she was visiting.
The way the problem evolves, (and the point of using the story as reference) is because everyone (especially those of mystical leaning) seems to wish to live in a world detached from our corporeal one; which explains one possibility to the dangers of all this building technology that is dominating ALL aspects of human living at an alarming rate.

The eitherwebs IS a place of raw, detached energy, and again it’s fueled by human thoughts, will, wishes, emotions, magic, and combined SEARCHING.

I have found without the proper warding or understanding, It’s(the Spirits in the Wires) need for “more” will suck every human mind into its net, causing us to loose our self identity, our trust in our personal self sovereignty and our connection to organic physicality.

I have discovered the more we feed the spirits in the wire, the more dependent we become to feeding it.

Do what you can to ward yourself and limit your exposure to this entity that needs your interaction to survive.

Stop going online daily, limit your exposure time, and be of the utmost care in what parts of yourself you feed IT.

Be well my Tribe, and know I love you deeply.

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