Why not celebrate your life triumphs, it is only Life after all….?


Its time to ‘feed’ the Spirits in the Wires today, but I am inclined to do it a different way.

Yesterday after speaking with my good friend about life, our trails and what we face as 21st century Heathens, Volvas and human beings; I hung up the phone worried about my dear Sister, hoping the Nornir are kind to her wyrd as she struggles to make her life choices that seemed daunting and bleak.

I went to bed sending her my thoughts of support and when I rose this morning, my friends tough choices of how to navigate her life through a seemingly unending minefield-wrought-trajectory was fresh on my mind. How do I tell her to stay strong and overcome this now to common-place series of every day crisis’s and upheavals that we ALL seem to be facing in the modern world?

I went outside to stand in the dark and drizzling rain, deciding a smoke of natural tobacco was what I needed. That’s when I heard my ever present Guide chuckle, and then proceed to merrily chat at me from dry the corner of my porch. I turned and glared Him down, stating “how dare you be annoyingly upbeat and chipper right now! Can’t you see I have a ton of shit I am dealing with right now?” (Not to mention its annoying to be startled from a deep melancholy revelry by a happy upbeat voice; how can I possibly process the way out of life’s doldrums like this??)

“Did you ever consider telling your friend instead of getting lost in the conundrums of her inevitable life’s lessons of growth she must face, to remind her to think of all the good and powerful life choices she has made over her life time? You know, celebrate and hail all her accomplishments; so she can look at the right and sound life choices she has made, so she can use them as a reference point to choose a empowered and happier way out of a sad situation? Like, give her some much deserved self generated strength by looking at the amazing things she has accomplished and done with her life as a success! Truly Ivy, you are a bit too much of a drama queen for my tastes sometimes. lighten up, its only life after all!”

What??! I just stood there my mouth wide open, and a rain drop splatted out my hand rolled as if to make my point.

“You should really quit smoking, it kills your kind you know. Any way, I think that the problem here is everyone gets so caught up in what they view as life’s shit shows, people don’t use the one thing they got that’s put there for a reason. Hope. That word goes hand in hand with humor, and remembering the good things about living; especially our own great deeds. Why do you think we left you all with so many stories about ‘Heroic’ feats? Because Coyote Girl, no one gets inspired to go conquer the world if all they hear or dwell on, talk about, and regurgitate is how hard life is; or how awful, or unfair, cruel, hard, or insane. it is especially silly to somehow get lost in making a bad situation BAD, by settling in to the thoughts our past ‘mistakes’ somehow mean how unprepared we are for battle. ~Even if that battle isn’t epic. You see oh wise one *snicker* the second you are born you are prepared to surmount the battles you face in life, its called tempering, and as long as you’re alive, you’ve proven you are invincible, because, well, you made it thus far, battle scars and all! Get it?”

I just stood there getting wet. After a minute, I realize I’m cold and its time to back in.

You want a cup of coffee? I ask Him.

“You gonna tell your friend to remember all the good things she has accomplished in her life, and strength is not all about having to wallow in old wounds, or only revisiting the hurts and traumas she has actually conquered to be a powerful Volva and human being?”

Uggg, I hate when Gramps is right, especially in such a upbeat way. its hard to be serious when hes like that…Ok, I say, lets go in. But really, drama queen?

*chuckling* My faithful Guide only replied “I like my coffee with cream and LOTS of sugar!”

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