The importance of initiation Norse occult arts.


A book by Rudolf Steiner tells us that “the Mysteries of ancient times enshrined a knowledge which was not only of the intellect, but bound up as well with the element of the will effected and influenced by a special spiritual connection to the divine, a wise power wielding that is only obtained after a form of initiation between the higher powers of the ethereal transmuted to the this corporeal word of mass and physicality.”

This interconnected relationship isn’t an accident; it is done by thought, understanding, and sacrifice; a gift for a gift, and it’s essential this initiation is experienced since it is the entry point of giving Humans a shared power to wield by the higher elevated human principles called Gods.

This gift of initiation is a shared boon, since upon a mutual agreement of acceptance into the mysteries of esoteric kennings the Gods, Wights, and Ancestors can once more become corporal; as thorough the intimate interaction within each initiate human life They may walk Midgard once more, tasting and smelling the delights of life, living and feeling all that a physical existence has to offer as the ages pass.

In much the same way, the human initiates gain knowledge much deeper than the fleeting glimpse of insight which may live in the human intellect independently of the reality of earthbound nature.

The occult initiate comes to find they now have a certain power over nature, a power born of and issuing from the soul, with which only those who had been specially prepared can be entrusted, so as not to be misused. For this reason, the preparation of an initiation consists of an enhancement of the sense of responsibility towards the Earth, natural forces, and the creatures who inhabit it, as well as the deepest understanding of the self; not to mention the Divine beings and sacred tradition one will become an initiate of.

The Initiate himself becomes fully self-sovereign in his own right. Since Odin’s sacrifice of himself to himself as the first recorded initiation for self-mastery and understanding by aid of magical forces (In Odin’s case the Runes) echoes this process of necessary initiation through the ages; even to today.

Moreover, we are warned in the Hávamál, by Odin’s own words: failing to understand the occult knowledge properly, like how to create them, how to call them and how to use them will affect one’s children’s children.

It is thus evident how high a value was in those days being properly initiated into deep esoteric kennings were to us living fully as powerful beings.

Earning acceptance and then being guided by powers of the otherworld’s were regarded as necessary thus penetrating right down into an initiate’s physical life.

Unfortunately, with the progress of human evolution this perception of the connection of power and knowledge vanished.

More and more there has evolved a mere philosophy, a religion with an existence quite apart from a co-creational relationship of shared partnership, and with it an increasingly anemic cosmology.

An initiation experience as an expected part of the Occult experience began to vanish with the equation of Norse occult power; and with it the Human as the co-creator of the Gods began to vanish as well.

Moving from tactile experience to obscure philosophy —Humans, whose nature is the primal object of philosophy to reveal, has through the eons witnessed ‘religion’ becoming a less ‘spiritual’ and a less effective way of reaching the realms of the true occult understanding, because I feel, many of traditions of the initiation process; in descending from our world downward into the abyss and back again -has been lost or largely forgotten.

Many have forgotten its via initiation we are granted access to those places where the Gods themselves dwell.

We experience once again how the element of an initiationary rite allows the seeker to enter more profoundly the spiritual world.

Once one undergoes a sacred initiation, the Norse Cosmology becomes more tangible and familiar and much more than mere ancient mythology from which all modern 21st century concrete reality vanished.
Time is truly timeless, and life, death, and all the stages in-between are viewed as the cyclical wheel it really is.

Once a seeker undergoes the initiation of willing sacrifice, the creative cosmic words of the Edda’s became the words of ordinary speech and concrete pictures of spiritual Beings, are given life once again by the seeker who gives the gift of self to self.

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