G.R.A.C.E in Heathenry

I was given this last night on the final dark Moon of 2019; a commanding and very important Oath to uphold as a Volva and as a Priestess of the Old Ways: ~share Only GRACE this wheel turn,[Gratitude/Relationship/Authenticity/Compassion/Engagement] and try to unite this very special and divinely ignited 21st Century world-wide community of self-sovereign seiðr practitioners to come together as a UNITED kindred of solitary Tribes, working towards the same thing: Developing genuine, authentic support and kinship within each individual, thereby spreading GRACE as a cohesive intention and force of collective will.

In other words, I am NOT my Sisters keeper, nor her Spiritual police. I can only commit to support her exploratory and courageous experimental work and effort in this reclaiming process of Heathenry and seiðr. My oath required I can and WILL help any Brethren at every turn, whether she knows my name or not.

Wow that was a rambling Oath eh? ~Blame Gramps! But in all seriousness, I was shown CLEARLY that when we collectively as contemporary heathens (and/or especially Norse occult workers) choose to become an accepting, united, Tribal community of Indo European Ancestral magic-workers, [which includes: seiðkona/seiðmann, Heathen root doctors, and medicine folk] we will come to step fully into our personal power via collective support and admiration, respect and cooperation. (We all are drawing from the same well of Urd remember! ~If one Witch spits poison in the well, she contaminates the entire well for other practitioners who come to the well for a drink.)

My Oath for this Year looks to unite us as a world wide Tribe; quietly attending to our own solitary personal work and our local tribes needs, while simualtaionsly we gain power via engaging in community practitioner support; meaning each practitioner authentically shares genuine peace, empathy, awareness, aid and joy with other practitioners they meet-on line or in person.

The theroy is by knowing in our shared awakening we each [almost a million strong!] are applying GRACE to each other; thereby giving life and voice to the Ancestral Kennings of Those Whom Dwelled Upon the Heaths. This is accomplished through SHARED understanding, authenticity, honor, community, Sister/brotherhood, power and integrity. Only when we find this personal grace to share with others in our very special tribe can the Old Songs be sung loudly once again, and then the Earth and all her Children [great and small] heals and changes with our evolution.

Like a giant Forest of Ancient trees, our roots run deep and are deeply intertwined-ALL OF US- to ensure the magic never gets forgotten, lost, or worst; destroyed forever.

We must stop and bury within Jord those things/false fears bent on division and distraction of creating a organic holistic life lived by many communal tribes of Mavericks and Earth Stewards.

Being a Volva, Vitki, Heathen or Pagan has NOTHING to do with feeling one is involved in a competition sport: Each soul is unique and important within the great web of life.

It has EVERYTHING to do with living fully, boldly, and in a Indigenous, Spiritual manner, leaving a place better than when you found it-then showing your family and friends, your peers and co-walkers; just how wonderous it is to live in close connection to your very life’s ONLY source and each other.

~Please know without the shadow of doubt; you have many kindred souls [human and otherwise] who are your sacred brethren in this awakening. Simply call and they will come.~

I would like to share a passage from a wonderful re-wilding book I read early in 2019 that changed my entire vision of my place not only in Midgard; but what importance Midgard really means to the rest of the nine or so worlds because I have traversed these lands REAL time, as well as in my dreams.

I was also shown to simply supply GRACE to everyone I know or meet, and they too will discover the power of community and how intregal community is to heal our world.

Create healing, change, and a powerful life lived well and lived with honor. It’s why we do what we do!

Join me won’t you in manifesting Grace? We need it now more than ever…….

Book excerpt “Introduction The Journey of the Soulscapes” from Mary Thompson’s book; “Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness.” Wild Roots Press. Kindle Edition.

Remember the earth whose skin you are . . . –Joy Harjo

 “Every spiritual journey is at its heart a quest for wholeness. We long to feel a part of the vast and unfolding mystery of life. We yearn to feel alive, engaged. We are seeking our place and purpose. But how do we proceed? How do we remember who we are? What path will carry us home? This book maps a journey into the wild environs of the soul through five archetypal landscapes: deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands. I call these “soulscapes,” for they are the merging of inner and outer nature—the meeting place of self and Earth. As you enter their depths, you will awaken the metaphors of the landscapes within you and lay claim to the wild wisdom and power at the core of your being. Humans, after all, weren’t placed on Earth; we emerged out of the Earth. Every day, we consume part of the Earth in order to stay alive. The great landscapes of the planet are our ancestors; they arose from the Earth just as we did, and their energies evoke deep feelings and potentialities within us at both conscious and unconscious levels. Since the remarkable appearance of self-reflective consciousness around 200,000 years ago, we have been primed to connect with these regions—they are resident in our collective unconscious, part of our primal birth matrix. The cultural historian Thomas Berry puts it this way in Dream of the Earth: “Beyond our genetic coding, we need to go to the earth, as the source whence we came, and ask for her guidance, for the earth carries the psychic structure as well as the physical form of every living being upon the planet.”1 Today, as concern grows about how far we have distanced ourselves from the natural world, we are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, walking, gardening, or simply being in nature. These things are hugely important. But this book asks something more: it invites you to awaken to the ancient Earth-consciousness that resides within you—within us all—that you can access at any time, in any place, even in the midst of the busiest city. The landscapes you will explore in this book are not external or extrinsic to who you are; they are woven into the core of your being as surely as elements from the stars or the salty depths of the oceans. For this is the amazing truth: four billion years of Earth wisdom are embedded in your cells. It is time to awaken to the whole magnificent geography of your soul.


You may be understandably keen to get started down your personal path, but it is important to take a moment to grasp the relationship between your inner nature and the natural world. For it is this relationship that lies at the heart of the journey we will take together in this book. When we consider how embedded we are in the Earth, how we are literally made of the same stuff as rivers, rocks, and roots, we can see how separating from this beautiful, fecund world might be damaging to our psyches. Have you ever suffered a terrible accident, betrayal, or loss? Then you know you can be left depleted, depressed, perhaps even cast adrift. It is as if some part of your soul leaves you. As if you aren’t quite whole. In losing our intimate relationship with the Earth, we modern humans have suffered a particular trauma that has caused our wild souls to split off. We may not always be fully aware of what is happening, so accustomed have we become to our high-speed, high-tech, built-up lives. Yet even if we remain unconscious of the source of our pain, we experience the symptoms of separation in a sense of alienation and a lack of aliveness. Modernity, with its mechanistic mind-set, excels at certain things: expediency, efficiency, uniformity. But the wild soul—who you really are—gets its sense of power and imagination from the natural world, and thrives on an altogether different set of values: creativity, authenticity, diversity. Exiled from Earth, like a wounded animal the wild soul goes into hiding. And we are left feeling off balance and incomplete. Our psyches then look for any available means to experience a sense of wild freedom. Addiction, to everything from alcohol and shopping to technology and pharmaceutical mood enhancers, is a frequent symptom of the soul’s desire to break free of the deadening aspects of modernity. This default approach—what I term living the “shadow wild”—only takes us further from our source. In the end, we find ourselves trapped, tamed, and unfulfilled. So how do we heal the wounded wild? How do we reclaim our wild souls? The answer lies within each of us. Are you able to recall a moment when as a child you lay in the branches of a tree, or idled the day away watching clouds dance by? Do you remember how alive your senses were? How peaceful or full of possibilities you felt? How the Earth held and supported you? Even now, something as simple as the gentle brush of a breeze or the sight of a beautiful sunset can remind you that, beyond the confines of your everyday reality, Earth is calling to you. It holds wisdom for your life and points toward something vaster and more vibrant within you. There is something fierce, free, and genuine that longs to find expression through your one particular and wild life. But these moments pass too quickly. Subsumed back into our hyperrational, fast-paced existences, our sense of interconnectedness becomes, like so many holiday snapshots, a pleasant but ineffective memory. The awareness of our oneness with the natural world can no longer be allowed to recede into the background. If we are to ensure a vibrant future not only for ourselves but for the entire Earth community, it must become the guiding principle of our life and times. At this precise moment in human history, it is vital that we bridge the false divide between the human and nonhuman worlds lest we risk losing the wild beauty that is our deepest nature and greatest hope. Reclaiming our identity as part of the wild and evolving Earth is both the journey and the ultimate purpose of this book. This is what the human soul longs for: to become itself a force of nature by liberating its instinctive, creative expression through each of us. In this way lies wholeness. In the following sections, I’ll lay out the essential foundation for the journey we are about to embark upon—explaining how we arrived at this point and providing a map of where we are going and how we can navigate the terrain. But first a question: how did this split between Earth and self come about, and what does it tell us about our own journey?


For many hundreds of generations, humanity’s primary relationship was with the Earth. Our ancestors engaged with the land, the water, and the creatures around them in a direct and intimate way. Looking skyward at the night stars, they told stories of their place in the great scheme of things. Life was hard, brutally so at times, but they never questioned their sense of belonging to a community of life with which they were inextricably entwined. About 10,000 years ago, we began the transformation from hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists, thus shifting our primary social form of organization. Increasingly adept at cultivating the soil and no longer nomadic, we settled down and began to build civilizations; sprawling cities gave rise to progressively more complex political structures, art, music, and drama. As language migrated from the spoken to the written word, we began to seek wisdom in books rather than in the shifting constellations, the rustle of a tree branch, the paw print on the path. In the seventeenth century, with its heightened emphasis on reason, intellect, and science, Earth came to be viewed not as a source of spiritual nurture and wisdom but as a resource. Perceiving ourselves as separate from and superior to the Earth, neither restrained by her laws nor beholden to her bounty, we began to exploit the planet in ever more devastating ways. And our Western religious practices supported us in doing so. What was sacred was no longer sought in the great spread of prairies, forests, and oceans, but relegated to an unearthly realm called Paradise. Even so, throughout the nineteenth century and during the initial years of the twentieth, we still lived in a largely wild world. There were still places teeming with wildlife and devoid of human settlement. Oceans still churned with large fish and remained empty of plastic. Large rivers still ran free in the main, and thick pelts of forests covered vast swathes of the planet. Most humans still lived close to the land rather than in cities, as they had done for all of human history. Our current century presents a very different picture. Rivers and prairies, mountaintops and oceans—every part of Earth is under siege. Unspoiled, wild nature is disappearing all around us. It becomes harder and harder to feel a part of what Gary Snyder calls “the whole mountains-and-rivers mandala universe.”2 While it is vital that we acknowledge the grief of this loss, becoming paralyzed by pain serves neither us nor the greater world. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges that confront us. But what if the process of rewilding rewilding the Earth began with rewilding our souls? If we truly grasp the interconnectedness between all living things, doesn’t it follow that every change within us will be reflected in the whole? If we reroot ourselves in the rhythms, wisdom, and patterns that created this planet and our own flesh and feelings, what might be possible for the Earth and all her inhabitants? What if healing the world really does start from within? And so we begin by taking a journey deep into the heart of the soulscapes. Following the path inward, we enter the stillness of deserts, the mystery of forests, the flow of rivers and oceans, the strength of mountains, and the vast openness of grasslands that reside within us. In so doing, we uncover a truth that has the power to change the way we live, act, and dream: when we awaken to our oneness with the Earth, we tap into a wealth of resources and wisdom that enable us to live fully and passionately, as cocreators in the great and evolving story of this planet. In reclaiming our wild souls, we discover a way for all of life to flourish and thrive, ourselves included.


In our journey through the soulscapes, we evolve. We transform from the small egocentric self, separate from the Earth and other beings, to the wilder and more encompassing ecocentric self, an integral part of an ensouled planet.


When I first began to live in a way that honored my own wild soul, I felt removed from friends and family. I was like a lone king penguin I once encountered on Gable Island, off the tip of Tierra del Fuego. He stood very still on a pebbly beach beside the Beagle Channel, his round black eyes set off by yolk-yellow markings and his body covered in a scrubby set of feathers. Cut off from his community because his new feathers were still in the process of growing in, he couldn’t yet brave the icy waters; he hadn’t the proper insulation. As the new feathers thrust through his skin, I would later learn, they caused him pain. Transformation is rarely easy. At times, you may long to retreat to a less vital and more domesticated vision of yourself. But remember: the strength of the Earth resides within you, supporting you in your quest for wholeness. This became very clear to me in a dream I had when I first began to write this book. I am floating miles above the planet, looking down at what appear to be ants emerging from the Earth’s fiery core. Drifting closer, I realize they are women. They stream out from the center of the Earth to encircle the globe, pounding tall sticks, beating a rhythmic pulse, straight-backed, sinewy. Closing ranks around the Earth, they form a protective circle of love and healing. They are fierce warriors, strong beyond belief. These women represent all of us who are in touch with our wild souls. They illustrate the strength that comes when we claim the “I am-ness” of a mountain or a forest. In owning our birthright as beings of the Earth, we emerge as purposeful, passionate, filled with molten power. Whether you’re drawn to take this journey because you want to throw off the constraints of modernity, or you’re a dedicated Earth lover and long to be supported in your efforts to make the world a better place, or you simply yearn for a wildness that brings you more creativity, freedom, and bravery—regardless of your starting point, this journey will carry you home. In your willingness to pick up this book, you have already taken a step toward embracing a more passionate and fully realized existence. My belief is that you can already glimpse your wild soul returning.”

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