Call to Heal.

I got off the phone last night with one of my grad students in Australia, and he is going to give a paper on how we need to be co creators with Jord as listening participants in sustainable change, not the continued species of destructive domination and greed for our single drive of self centered gain for our own selfish “creature comforts.”

WE CANNOT go back to thinking human wealth and ease of living is “Normal, ” and our continued raping of the entire ecosystem with reckless disregard for all other life forms at the cost of our blind consumption is maintainable, BECAUSE IT IS NOT.

EARTH is a living entity, and even though via being 150 years deep into our human dominant creations of non organic living seems “natural;” it is this very ARTIFICIAL way of human living that has become the DEATH of us all.

We have literally became the industrial monsters we’ve become because we accept sloth and blatant disregard for anything other than ourselves, and we have forgotten how to be holistic Stewards in a wilderness setting which originally WAS OUR HOME IN WHICH WE THRIVED. (Think the movie Fern Gully)

I am writing this post as a Rallying Cry, to ask anyone who will to join this new Revolution that isn’t chained to a human political agenda, nor any homo sapien self serving entity. In our ranks, we have Matthew Sargent who is teaching eco farming, we have a Biology major Nichole Dawn Rose who builds community gardens to educate urban trouble teens to awaken to thier place in our biosphere, and Will Elrick, our Aussie Brother who is writing a paper of sustainability within our environment; -these Norse Shamans will become the first of Many Revolutionists of our time.

We saw this coming, and now we must be revolutionary in our Warriorship to Jord.

WE must be the front line to teach and give voice to all the voiceless creatures great and small.

WE must take back the planet and Rage against the Machine.

And as much as the collective energy, fear and stress has been draining to many, more of what I feel is this surge… a need to commit to the work; to be better prepared for healing the world.

I see posts all over “we can’t return to normal because normal wasn’t working”… and we all know that but most of the world is sitting and waiting for someone to tell them what to do to fix it. For world leaders to have a plan.

But it’s us.
It’s WE the people.
It’s the healers, the warriors of spirit, the shamans, those of us who feel moved and called that are supposed to be and make the change.

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