Indigenous people.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of understanding, studying and honoring the still living vital and rich Sami (along with Finnish) aboriginal culture with its native people of Scandinavia to fully understand seidr.

Both of these magical peoples traditions formed (as well as influenced)much of how seidr was and is practiced, especially in Norway and Sweden.

“The overall conclusion of these texts and singer Boine’s songs is that Sámi culture is integral in contemporary Norwegian culture. Moreover, the Sámi practice of shamanism has an enthnogenic cousin in Norway, as finds on a Viking ship suggest that the Völva (Viking priestesses) used cannabis to attain trances.”

“Finnish paganism shows many similarities with the religious practices of related cultures, such as Mordvin, Mari, Sami and other Eurasian paganism. It shares some features with its neighbouring Baltic, Norse and Germanic paganisms.”


And :


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