Understanding linguistics and Old Norse writing.


I have received a large amount of new Heathens asking me to help them create bind runes, for either protective magical use, tattoos, cursing, and the manifestation of their desires.

I cannot stress the importance of deep understanding and self education of our Ancestral History to have a good understanding of creating bind runes!

This means you must understand the language the alphabet (Futharks)stems from, as well as the Mythos, history, Culture, and Traditions of the people who used them or it’s useless and inert.

To help you correctly you need to ask yourself what is your experience thus far, what is your goal, how much of the Lore have you read and really grasped; are you interested in Scandinavian, Saxon, Gaul or the Slav path, do you know seidr, *deep inhale,* real Galdr, have you been familiarized with the Sami, and finally what Ancestral Indo European Gods have you worked with thus far?

Without this base knowledge you cannot create nor utilize Futharks as bind runes that are actually effectual.

I , as some 21st century Heathen teachers, have spent years studying academia, anthropology and religious history to understand our Ancestral traditions, plus I’m a Volva (Norse Witch) and a Seidkonna (seidr practitioner) so I apply the occult to my Norse Pagan ways. I use much “UPG”, but ONLY after I have a solid education in the ways I am working, namely Old Norse Paganism.

In the old days we would have studied and been groomed under a tribal Gothi/Gythia for years before attempting to claim and walk the path of Volva/Vitki, Seidman or Seidkonna; but since the Christian conversion and 2000 years passing into a high tech modern world, it is up to each individual seeking Forn Sed to do their own diligent studies in reclaiming (with any vaild power and growth for future use)these ancient Ancestral Path Ways.

~side note: I am still shocked at the amount of seekers daily who ask me to help them create bind runes, yet they have never fully read the Eddas or the Sagas!

This Lore isn’t like the “holy books” of monotheistic paths, however it IS some of the only surviving manuscripts that describe the lives and thoughts of the Ancestors we are venerating!
So just as I wouldn’t begin to claim I’m now practicing the Australian Aboriginal Ways without being in steeped in their Traditions, History and language, this remains true for every Spiritual path, and Heathenism is no exception!

I suggest listening to Dr Jackson Crawfords audio books on the Eddas and Sagas, and then watching Maria kvilhaug’s YouTube series “The Lady of the Labyrinth ” (https://www.youtube.com/user/LadyoftheLabyrinth) as both of these scholars give in depth insights to Old Norse Mythology perfect for those seeking a firm base of understanding to base ones own practice upon.

Of course there are MANY more credible people who share their research, experience, and knowledge out there, (the above suggestions are merely a starting point) therefore below is a paper to aid those seriously interested in exploring the deep essence of old Norse and Icelandic linguistics and writing development.

~Ivy C Mulligan

Please SEE: https://www.academia.edu/4683341/The_origin_and_development_of_Icelandic_script


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