The Importance of Initiatory Rites in a Modern World.

21st Century Heathen

Initiation takes many forms, it may consist of an individual submitting to a chosen Deity or new spiritual path, to undergoing a rite of passage that marks a point of reference from where the initiate can or will never be the same mindset than before entering the ritual or initiatory rite of passage, such as marriage, graduation from a civil or military organization or a rite of passage from a boy to manhood/girl to womanhood.

The importance of Initiation Rituals to 21st century heathens is a subject which I would like to address today; for just as it was of importance to mention time and again in various ways throughout Scandinavian, Germanic and Sami/Finnish folklore, to our Norse Ancestors, a profound change or awakening of understanding into the deeper mysteries of seiðr or elite warfare (and its effects on the psyche or consciousness of the practitioner) can only be entered…

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