Will you know more? Of course!

Today I want to touch on a very true fact that many new to reclaiming Norse Paganism might not know: What you think you understand as “Spiritual Truths” should and WILL change as you mature and grow in your diligent seeking of Forn Sed.

I myself who has been schooled in the History, Etymology, Cultural Heritage, Archeology and Anthropology of Northern European people would stumble upon a theory or a “reconstructed fact” I totally thought was “irrefutable truth” only to find in a couple of days/weeks/months/years later, new evidence or people would merrily show my understanding of a subject was either way off, or merely misconstrued because I don’t fully understand Old Norse as well as I would like….yet!😉

No one person can know everything about any one subject, and especially within this realm of the reconstruction an ancient semi fragmented society; however, there are Master craftsmen in their fields who can aid us in connecting to deeper understanding as they appear.

The biggest thing I feel is even if we ourselves become master craftsmen of sorts, we must be willing to always revisit our “truths” because the joy and purpose of LIVING a lifelong Spiritual path is knowing there is always MORE to learn, more to explore, more to experiment with, and more to master through personal permission of accepting what you think you “know” might not be so much a truth after all!

I don’t understand a Spiritual person thinking the sacred quest of living a magical Pagan life has some sort of endgame other than simply living your path daily.

News flash my beloved readers, you wont get a gold star or a ticket to some cushy afterlife simply because you can prove your historically accurate Personal Gnosis seems authenticated TODAY, because TOMORROW a new “fact” or find will blow your assuredness right out of the water!

I personally feel the reward one gets from pursuing Old Ways for New Days is the joy found in the DISCOVERY of what was, but more importantly, to rework it into what can be. Don’t be afraid to constantly go back to the roots of it all, back to YOUR drawing board of why you choose to live a Pagan life in the first place. And mostly, don’t cling to “truths” you think you might have and be more than open and willing to discard those “beliefs” that suddenly you understand are wrong for your way of living Forn Sed as you evolve in understanding!

As someone who works tirelessly as a competent Spiritual “sherpa”, I learned repeatedly new and better trails can be found when I accept I’ve gone too long traveling the well worn long way around to the Summit. But I can only discover these new trails if I’m willing to accept my own personal map is suddenly outdated, there are other sherpas who can be indispensable to my quality of guidance, or my glasses need replacement, and undoubtably new equipment can make the journey waaayyyy more comfortable.

The Old Ways be always be there and will never change, but what does change is our willingness to embrace the fact we can always know more about these ways.

To thrive and be fulfilled as 21st century Living Heathens we must continue to be Tru, to ourselves, our Traditions, and our Ancestors. That happens when you live boldly as you embrace the understanding you can always change your ultimate vision (views) as well as the trails you use to witness your Spiritual vistas.

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