Ash and Elm

Once we sprang from Ash and Elm,

the final children of Jords wonderous realm;

With blessings from the Brothers Three,

we were first admired, then set free.

“What amazing feats wiil these new creatures wield?

“We made them from sea, forest and field!”

“Their blood is warm and flows like sap!”

“All of Jords wisdom is Theirs to tap!”

“Yes, these new creatures are strong and smart,

-choosing sturdy wood was the wisest start!”

So Ash and Elm wandered away,

and the Three didn’t require them to dutifully stay.

The joy of creation is in the thought

Others will benefit from what you have wrought.

A few millenia has passed since then,

looking back from where we have been;

have we become the Three’s finest creation?

Or a plague of destruction beyond imagination?

I’d like to think our magics are real,

~just as I hope we have the sacred kennings to heal.

If the Three who carved us were to meet us today,

I can’t help but ponder what each one might say.

*I.M. 3/2021

~Art by Debra Bernier

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