Aaron Coggins – Old Ways Forge

Master Blacksmith

I have been on my path as a heathen for the majority of my life and consider myself a rural heathen that follows the old ways. As a rural heathen I don’t always follow the group mentality  in the way that I believe. My beliefs are more inline with the ones that came before the conversion. Ancestral veneration is my foundation and I believe my ancestors have given me my abilities as a blacksmith. I honor them through the work created in my shop. 

Prior to blacksmithing I had felt as if I had been missing something but I was unsure what it was until a high school friend posted a coal forge he built. After seeing what he was doing I decided to take a chance and made a small forge. I started with a basic knife and within the first few months after picking up the hammer I had an overwhelming desire to make damascus. My second attempt was successful and from then on its been my steel of choice. Since the beginning of this journey I have felt more connected to my ancestral line and can feel them in my work. I am currently sharing the old ways through blacksmithing.

My work is a reflection of my ancestral path and my own personal journey.

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