About The Guild

A guild is an organization of artisans. The medieval guild featured three levels of expertise: the apprentice, the journeyman, and the master. The apprentice learned the craft, the journeyman worked in the trade, and after years of experience and completion of an approved “masterpiece,” a journeyman could himself become a master. 

The term guild derives from the Anglo-Saxon root geldan which meant ‘to pay, contribute.’ The noun form of geldan meant an association of persons contributing money for some common purpose. The root also meant ‘to sacrifice, worship.’ Later the German meaning of guild as referring to gold continued to evolve into the idea of a collaborative gold standard of excellence.

It is this Germanic definition that we are focused on here. To supply training and a place of learning so that those who seek knowledge can excel to the highest standards.

So why have a guild for 21st century Heathens named Forn Sed Hearthfire?

The Guild of Forn Sed Hearthfire means “the Old Customs as done at the fires of today’s Hearth” is comprised of a few contemporary adept Elders and Journeymen whose collective time and experience is not only in researching the Old Ways of Norse Occult Arts; we live them.

As seiðr and Norse Heathenry has become more prevalent due to a worldwide indigenous Ancestral awakening, those of us whom were called to blaze the trail of reclaiming Old Ways for a Modern World are now being guided to instruct others who wish to access cultural folkways to create a path of Living Heathenry.

Our Guild also is here to instruct those who are moving from seeker into teacher. This Guild is a collective way of accessing deep training to become every Tribes most cherished member: The Sacred Spiritual Guide; first as a craftswo/man, then as a Mastercraftsman.

If you are looking for training to develop your own skills and practice, then join as a Student. If you are looking to learn in order to serve your community and are willing to make a sworn commitment to that end, then you want to consider the path of the craftswo/men. One can always transition from Student to craftsmen if you feel the call.

Mission Statement:

To provide mentoring by teachers that are dedicated to elevating their students to the highest level of their abilities during their time with the Guild, whether the seeker desires to benefit one’s own practice or to rise up and serve their community, in ways that are viable in our contemporary world.

Does this sound like something you wish to be a part of? Use the button below to go to the Join page, or use the Contact form below to get more information!