Our Mission!


Now that the website is made, and The Germanic/Teutonic Cultural Arts Center has a new home, Folk are asking to us to open the doors, and teach them!! BUT WE NEED TEACHERS!!!

To reach our mission of helping all Heathen Kindred learn our Cultural arts and heritage skills, we need skilled artisans to join us! By signing on and teaching your pastime, you can reach many of our Heathen brethren by enriching their lives as they immerse themselves in a Northern Heritage living craft or art. Do you know how to make unique Soaps, Mead, Candles or Clothing dye? Do you raise animals in a Traditional, organic way? Perhaps you know the Norse arts of weaving, spinning and knitting? Do you work in wood, or do you work in metal? Are you one with the forest, and maybe you wish to share your talents with being competent in a wilderness setting? Do you use northern traditional herbs, sing to call cows, or know how to speak a ‘Norse’ language?

I am looking for any Heathen craftpersons skilled in the Germanic/Teutonic heritage cultural arts to share their knowledge with the Heathen community and connect as a mentor and teacher! Send me your bio, your story, and better yet-a video demonstration of you in your element of working your cultural craft! By sharing your talent, you are taking a huge step in bringing together a ever-growing kindred who are looking for ways to reconnect with an ancient faith through incorporating vital life skills that are becoming harder and harder to learn. When you show how to perfect heritage crafts and skills, you are honoring the Northern mindset of self reliance, of being industrious, and of the joy of community-based gifting by giving of yourself and your time. Why not volunteer and teach what you have mastered? Not only will you be bringing our Heathen culture to many young folks who are craving an ancestral connection, you would be demonstrating wonderful skills to enhance day to day life that our kindred will use for the rest of their lives. I can’t think of a nicer way to honor the ancestors, the Gods and ourselves by volunteering a few hours a month to bring our Cultural heritage to life in this modern, plastic, and disconnected world. ~You can sign up as a teacher here, or via the website below.

~I would like to make this a community service project, so anyone who teaches here (myself included) are strictly volunteer, and will teach our crafts on a $50.00 per month maximum donation basis to cover costs of media services. ~skål !