David Swift

My name is David Swift. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and I am currently working towards becoming a Gothi to the Heathen Community.

My journey began with plant teachers and Plant Medicine Ceremonies, however I found that I was missing a connection to my own indigenousness. The indigenousness of my European Ancestors. This connection came through an awakening by Freya and an introduction to Odin. I began studying Forn Sed with Ivy Mulligan and she opened my eyes to the possibilities of building bridges between my ancestral roots in Europe and the ancestors and spirits of the land I am living in. Through this, I found a deeper relationship with myself that has taken my life in new directions; first as a Heathen Vitki, and now as a Gothi Journeyman, which is my calling to unite our Ancestral Gods and their sagas into our contemporary, fast paced, high-tech lives.

I am a recent cancer survivor and I am still working with the long-term impact of treatment and surgeries. The cancer process was, and is, a gift to me. Suffering is not a word I use anymore. It is an ongoing sacrifice.

My current direction involves a much heavier emphasis on learning through experience. I have immersed myself in the Ergi aspects of seiðr in an effort to become a balanced receiver for the vibration of Odr*. This openness has brought new awareness to my walk on what I term “the Briar Road.”

In addition to Norse pathwork, I am involved with Victor Anderson’s Feri Tradition and the Native American Church. I have found the path of Gothi to be a big enough container to explore and experience all these aspects and to bring them to others in a heartfelt way.  

I am currently underway developing my course material, so in the interim I am always available for direction through deep metaphysical conversation(s).

I have discovered by engaging in insightful Heathen dialog about occult experiences as peers, once shared, (without judgement or criticism) these conversations can give a seeker guidance to the ways of a deeper immersion into seiðr (as well as each seekers own path) which is oftentimes hidden from their mundane awareness.

I have come to understand many things that have opened my heart on my path as a Godman (Gothi) and I am always available to share or listen.

For a detailed explanation of Odr, please see: https://norse-mythology.org/odr-god/

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