Deep into the Arts of the Völva or the Vitki.

me as a Volva

Are you a Norse heathen who is self taught as a esoteric practitioner who has learned most of the basic Indo-European ways of Cultural Traditional occult work, but now seem to be stumped at furthering your progress or knowledge?

Are you a graduate of my Year Long Training and are ready to go deeper into the Arts of the Völva or Vitki?

I am pleased to announce enrollment is now open for anyone needing a hands on, totally immersive 3 day weekend workshop, or a 9 day LIVE-IN intensive for men (Vitki ) and Women (Volva) to learn hands on the Arts of Seidr.

Perhaps you seek a 22 day LIVE-IN immersion course about understanding deeply connecting and living the Norse mysteries. You will be an actual real time apprentice within a 21st century immersion course to learn the deeper arts of seiðr!

What is an LIVE-IN Immersion course for the Völva or Vitki?

This Norse mysteries apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to maximize your self-potential, work with your ego, nourish your self sovereignty, increase your self-worth, face your fears, and learn about living as a contemporary Volva or Vitki.

You will learn the Norse cosmology and traditions by LIVING them, 24-7 until you depart.

This is not a program about becoming a “Viking.”
This is not a program about making yourself into something that is mythical.
This LIVE-IN apprenticeship is about accepting the person you are right now in the Modern world, and then by aligning your self with The Old Ways to learn how to step into yourself FULLY, and become larger, more powerful, self sovereign, grander.

The prospective Volva or Vitki apprentice is committed to self-growth. S/he seeks a fast, intense, program that introduces them to their own power and the power of the nine worlds. Each apprentice who comes to me will actively participate in the destruction of who they were before, without assumptions or excuses. Each apprentice will take responsibility of their destiny and trust in the Powers Who Rule our existence.

A Norse mysteries LIVE-IN apprenticeship is not for those who don’t already have a working relationship or knowledge of Norse Paganism, or those seeking escape due to a disturbed mind. It is challenging on all levels: emotional, physical, spiritual, psychic. I offer a distance year long course online for anyone just learning this path.

To do a LIVE-IN apprenticeship requires 24/7 attention, complete honesty, resilience, courage, and a steadfast commitment. While here each apprentice gets personal guided through an awakening; as much as it is a very detailed course on the actual practices of song and applied theory as survived in historical texts; such as Germanic/Teutonic Folkways of song and cultural arts, as well as archeology digs. It is an ADVANCED iniaitie type experience about the practices Northern European Shamanism, Indo-European Witchcraft, and all the skill sets that accompany this very powerful and very in-depth way of life.

This apprenticeship continues for both paths, after the participant goes home; as I send them with a 9 month follow through college curriculum course which teaches IN DEPTH, what our Ancestors knew worked as a personal and working relationship with Indo-European Cosmology (Seiðr). This nine months study course will be a guided immersion that will accompany this LIVE-IN apprenticeship.

By working through the 9 months of follow up seiðr work which is required, as well as other book based curriculum; each participant will discuss with me (via 30 min, to one hour long phone sessions) the in-depth concepts and practices they are receiving; usually once a month at the mid-month mark, after completing written essays and other documentation on how and why these new skills sets via application are giving each participant a deeper and more fulfilling/effectual working practice.

This In-depth course offers you the opportunity to acquire the skills, experience, and knowledge you need to practice as a confident, effective Indo-European shamanic healer and seer. This Seidr Immersion Studies program will also prepare you to practice professionally as a shamanic practitioner, allowing you to set your own private healing practice, should you choose to do so.

This is a LIVE-IN teaching AND self-guided distance training, with one-on-one, in-depth tutoring from me. Each month, students receive course concepts from the manual supplied to them upon departure which details the applied skills and meditations they are required to do. Students are required to submit and complete a monthly lesson review, a practical assignment and one essay per module. Again, monthly support is provided through a half hour to hour long monthly telephone review with your course tutor, as well as PM and emails when/if necessary!

This course is for the practitioner who has at least a solid years worth of a working knowledge of our History and Lore as Norse witches and shamans. This immersion course is geared toward someone who has begun to blaze Her or His own trail in the 9 worlds; but wishes to go deeper into the self, the Tree of Life, and of course, the nine worlds. This is beyond my first year distance training apprenticeship that I already offer; as we will be going deep within the Mythos of the Ancient Völva or Vitki, and via real time immersion, examining the lore, and then the integration of it by personal ritual and ceremonial work; the apprentice will leave here a new and on the road to adept hood. We will camp out frequently at the well of Urd, and since this is a course that will take on the initiation of the thrice-burned witch, or the Trails of Odin; you will emerge changed, wiser, and more powerful of a person.

In this Immersion class, each participant will learn the practical applications of the pivotal concepts of Spa, Galdr, and deep seiðr work with is essential to become adept in the Norse Mystical arts. Even after departure, each participant will explore and delve deeply into the 5 major components that comprise a Völva/Vitki’s practice and make it unique to any other form of world-wide mysticism; the SELF, the STAFF, the SONG, the SEAT, and the SPIRITS. We will accomplish this by using timed tested techniques that address the categories of MIND< BODY< LUCK<RUNES<and CALLING, and this will be done by the following ways:

How to build and charge a Seiđrstallr (your high seat and the area around it)
Basics of Utiseta and Out-sitting
Creating Galdr and other traditional songs used by our ancestors for trance work
Omen taking journal (developing your own omen taking system)~Not just the Runes; although we will be working with them thoroughly!
Designing healing/spell craft based on lore

As you can see, these in-depth practices are essential to the Idea of being a true Volva/Vitki, and can be implemented with whatever studies you are undergoing right now.

The other required reading material for the follow up seiðr course:

The History of Runic Lore,

Galdrs of the Edda,

and Heathen Rites of Ancient Nordic Chronicles by Swedish runologist Lars Magnar Enoksen.

THE ICELANDIC BOOK OF FUÞARK, and SORCERER’S SCREED both by The Icelandic Magic Company.

Remedies and Rituals: Folk Medicine in Norway and the New Land, by Kathleen Stokker.

Healing Touch, by Valerie Wright

Elves, Wights, and Trolls by Kveldulf Gundarsson

Witches and Pagans by Max Dashu

Make Magic of Your Life by T.Thorn Coyle

A Witch’s Book of Silence By Karina BlackHeart

Elhaz Ablaze a compendium of Chaos Heathenry

Wyrdwalkers by Raven Kaldera

If you are one of those called to this path of re-claiming The arts of the Völva or Vitki in this modern day world, just click on the buy now button below.

*please note, as with any course, once enrolled there are no refunds, so for more information email me at:

22 day Volva Training w/follow up seidr course

Take a 22 day assent into the mysteries of the Norse Witch by undergoing each aspect of Freya-from Gullveig/Heiðr to Brynhildr. In this immersion apprenticeship you will be challenged by Many Norse Gods and Goddess to emerge the thrice burned Witch.


9 day Vitki Training w/follow up seidr course

The Vitki From Old Norse vitki‎ ( sorcerer; a wise man)follows the path of Odin, the runes and Ord. This ecstatic exploration takes the Vitki beyond the constrains of monotheist dogma and welcomes him to the world of magic.


Personal Weekend Workshop

This is a Friday_Sunday intensive created to immerse a seeker into the deeper hands on Arts of Seidr. Learn songs, ritual, healing modalities and Spa hands on in the Old Ways. Food and lodging is included.


me as a Volva