Freyja Lundin

Journeyman Bio

My name is Freyja Lundin, and I believe that everyone is capable of magic, and although this concept is something that used to be common knowledge, it has since been forgotten by a great many people. I consider myself to be a life-long scholar, dedicated to learning as much as I can about the indigenous roots of humanity, in order to better understand the origins and evolution of magic and the universe as a whole.

My distant family moved to America from Norway, and passed on a small number of traditions, including an age-old hunger for knowledge and desire to connect with ancestors. Occasionally, my family would stay in my great grandmother’s house, who had taught Norwegian lessons at the local Sons of Norway lodge during her life. Although I sadly didn’t get to know her, as she passed when I was very young, her house was always a very magical place to me, and I felt an indescribable closeness to her through her belongings that she left behind, such as a large library of books about Norway and Vikings, some of which were in her mother tongue. I used to stare at the pages until my head hurt, hoping that if I read the words aloud enough times, eventually they would make sense enough for me to make out the contents. I think I’ve made a little progress since then!

From a young age, the stories of the gods and heroes of the sagas were my way to reconnect with my cultural heritage. Eventually, it came to a point where the divine archetypes and the lessons contained within those stories spoke to me on a spiritually-intimate level. I had grown to know these people, as closely as I knew my family, and the lessons learned felt more like lessons remembered. The more I immersed myself in the legends, the more they seemed to come to life, and ultimately became my reality.

As a child, I had often found that magic was something that most people saw as fiction, or in some cases a remnant of time long passed. My father was the first person in my life to contest this, and had always swore by the fact that magic existed. It had always existed, he told me, it existed now, and it will always exist. Though he never much elaborated on the subject, his words gave me the confirmation I needed as a child to pursue a life of spirituality and magic.

I began working with the runes around the same time that I discovered who I was, and who I wanted to be. I remember pouring my heart and soul out in service to the Lady Freyja as a young adult, hoping to someday live up to the name that we shared. I worked closely with her because she embodied everything that I had hoped to be: a warrior, a strategist, a wyrd-weaver, a healer, a teacher, and an embodiment of the divine feminine. As I modeled much of my life around her archetype, I was blessed with the good megin to continue my path in this way.

My specialties lie with what I would consider the “fine arts” of heathen magic. I have undergone years of study of the Elder Futhark runes as a method for divination, and have used my experience to read the runes for myself or others, when the time calls for it. My runes are without exaggeration, an extension of myself, which I have hand-crafted from the wood of a tree that was planted in celebration of my birth, from the homestead of my forebears. They were carved and blessed with a self-composed blooding ritual, using my own blood. These runes are a very significant part of my practice.

In addition to working with runes, I also find myself leaning into the role of a skald. As a very musical person, having attended the University of Montana for Music Education, and being a classically trained musician for the majority of my life, I encorporate a great deal of breathwork, singing, chanting, and drumming in my personal practice. Over time, I have come to develop melodies for individual runes, which I use when working with them on a more intimate level. I have also studied Galdralag, which I compose for spellwork, ritual, or in dedication to the divine, or extraordinary people.

My most recent love has been creating modern galdrastafir, or Icelandic magical staves. For a long time, these seemed to be an unattainable practice to me, and as much as I wanted to study them and their creation, their secrets were almost impossible to grasp. I’m fortunate to have been a part of a wonderful online community founded by galdrastafir master Raevediis, where I eventually had a moment of enlightenment when it came to these staves, after watching other community members analyze common galdrastafir such as the Vegvisir. From that point on, I have been creating my own modern galdrastafir, as well as crafting them for others who are seeking a stave to help them in their own practice or daily life. The staves I have created serve various purposes, from connecting with the ancestors, to embracing vulnerability, to easing the pain of mourning. This craft has become a very therapeutic outlet for me, and I am overjoyed with the outpouring of support I have received from the heathen community regarding these staves.

My goal is to teach as many people as I can that they are capable of magic. Trusting one’s own power is sometimes a difficult thing to do, especially at first, and it is my mission to help my pupils reclaim their unique essence of magic. Just as the Lady Freyja taught Odin the magic of seidr, I too find myself drawn to teaching others, and will use every tool I have to make sure that my students become successful and confident in their own abilities.

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