Lars Magnar Enoksen

Lars Magnar Enoksen (b. 1960) of both Swedish (maternal) and Norwegian (paternal) heritage, has written twenty-nine books regarding Runes, Galdrs, Glima, Norse Mythology and Viking History. Primarily published in English and Scandinavian tongues, but also translated into German, French, Japanese and Czech languages.

Besides that, he has a prolific fighting/wrestling (Glima) career and was officially awarded ‘traditional martial artist of the year’ 2016 by the Swedish budo & martial arts federation. As well as being a vintage punk rock era musician, an illustrator of obscure graphic novels and former story-writer for Walt Disney’s worldwide comics. Still performing live as a Galdra singer and collaborating with internationally successful bands such as Wardruna or the newly created UrTroll group.

Lars Magnar is an International Glima instructor and educator of Runes/Galdrs. Undoubtedly a celebrated workshop and seminar tutor of tribal sorcery traditions.


2018: Norse Sorcery Compendium. Galdr & Runes.
2016: Heathen Rites Of Ancient Nordic Chronicles.
2016: SwordBitch & CO.
2015: Runor. Mästarens handbok.
2014: Galdrs Of The Edda.
2013: Old Military rough’n’tumble. Scandinavian warrior wrestling.
2011: The History Of Runic Lore.
2010: The wisdom of the Vikings.
2010: The Viking Runes.
2010: The Viking Gods.
2010: Glima Fighting Techniques.
2010: Tävling, träning, tradition. Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet 50 år.
2008: The secret art of Glima. Introduction to Viking martial arts.
2008: Stora boken om vikingarnas gudar och myter.
2008: Lilla boken om runor.
2006: Djur och natur i fornnordisk mytologi.
2005: Gudar och gudinnor i Norden.
2004: Vikingarnas stridskonst.
2003: Vikingarnas egna ord.
2001: Odens korpar.
2001: Skånska fornminnen.
2000: Fornnordisk mytologi enligt Eddans lärdomsdikter.
1999: Skånska runstenar.
1998: Runor. Historia, tydning, tolkning.
1995: Lilla runboken. Introduktion till vikingatidens runor.
1994: Nattens drottning.
1989: Starkaters sista nidingsdåd.
1988: Ärans blod.

[Some basic info about my online classes… Warning! Super nerdy stuff:]

Learn authentic heathen lore straight from the source! Join our weekly online class with Nordic Rune-, Glima- and Galdra-master Lars Magnar Enoksen. Each session covers Edda wisdom, Runic sorcery and whatever your curiosity desires. Contact through Messenger for more info.

My online classes are mainly private one to one lessons. Aspiring participants do an introduction talk with me (Lars Magnar Enoksen), discussing why you are pursuing the old heathen ways. Openly investigating if I can promote the wisdom you are searching for. The major subjects tends to be Runes, Galdrs, Glima, Edda wisdom, heathen rituals and how to spot living unbroken traditions (opposed to unauthentic recreations).

Our weekly 1.5 hours session will be 100% custom made for your personal interest. Meaning any arcane Nordic subject you want to learn and discuss. Our language is English or Scandinavian. At the end of each session we decide your pedagogical homework for the following week, where you also prepare any related questions that stir your imagination.

You merely sign up for one month at the time, which costs 200 Euro/Dollars, paid between first and second week. (If not enjoying the lesson, we quit after the first session and you don’t have to pay anything.) The standard tutoring length tends to be 1–4 months. Besides, I mainly accept students that are familiar with my books and truly strives for a higher level of heathen awareness.

Feel free to ask more questions!