Ancient healing arts: The Seiðr, the Völva, and the Northern Shaman.

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Like other northern Eurasian shamans, the Völva was “set apart” from her wider society, both in a positive and a negative sense – she was simultaneously exalted, sought-after, feared, and, in some instances, reviled. However, the Völva is very reminiscent of the veleda, a seeress or prophetess who held a more clearly-defined and highly respected position amongst the Germanic tribes of the first several centuries CE.

Seidr (pronounced “SAY-ther;” “SEE-Ther” or in Norwegian “SIEth”) connotates to Old Norse seiðr, “cord, string, snare,” and is a form of pre-Christian Norse magic and shamanism concerned with discerning and altering the course of destiny by re-weaving part of destiny’s web. To do this, the practitioner, with ritual distaff in hand, enters a trance (which could be accomplished through numerous means) and travels in spirit throughout the Nine Worlds accomplishing his or her intended task. This generally takes the form of a prophecy, a blessing, or a curse. Archaeologist Neil Price has provided an excellent summary of the known uses of seidr: “There were seiðr rituals for divination and clairvoyance; for seeking out the hidden, both in the secrets of the mind and in physical locations; for healing the sick; for bringing good luck; for controlling the weather; for calling game animals and fish. Importantly, it could also be used for the opposite of these things – to curse an individual or an enterprise; to blight the land and make it barren; to induce illness; to tell false futures and thus to set their recipients on a road to disaster; to injure, maim and kill, in domestic disputes and especially in battle.”~excerpt from  Norse mythology for smart people

The Year One Apprenticeship program contains 12 modules and focuses on allowing the student to become familiar within a number of “Core”Shamanic Initiations and techniques, fused with Norse Cosmology and traditional Indo-European cultural occult Arts.

The emphasis is on enabling the student to understand the human versus shaman spiritual connection, and on healing the Self before committing to working with others. Students will become familiar and proficient in a number of key Shaman Initiations during this first year.

1.  Power Animal
2.  Medicine work: i.e. hands on healing, crystal therapies and herbal use.
3.  Shapeshifting
4.  Drumming
5.  Journeying
6.  Vision Questing
7.  Shielding
8.  Out of Body Experience
9.  Self Healing
10.  Self Soul Loss
11.  Distant Past Self Healing (Oorlog/wyrd weaving)
12.  Space Clearing and ritual creation. (Sacred Geomancy)

Each student also will learn by years end:

• Hands on Healing
•  Smudging
•  Intrusion Extraction
•  Soul Loss (others)
•  Soul Loss Healing
•  Soul Retrieval
•  Soul Retrieval Healing
•  Death & Dying
•  Soul Escorting
• Distant Healing
•  Counselling
• Setting up a seiðr Healing Practice.
The objective of Year One is to become proficient in the application of these initiations known to EVERY shamanic cultural, including seiðr.

I am writing this post as a brief introduction to the basic principles of Norse Mystic healing arts as it is understood today, with the Arts of the Völva, (Norse Witch) Seiðr, (prophetic seer) and Northern shaman, explained in a collective skill set. Each one of these three Germanic/Teutonic based mystical healing paths and traditions has its own sets of specialties and nuances, with each practice being a stand alone Art, however in a year long apprenticeship course that I and my partner teach; we share the fundamental skill sets of each path COMBINED, as we have come to know them today. We have learned though many years of combined experience, that when the arts of the Völva, the Seiðr, and the Northern Shaman are presented and taught in tandem, it gives the practitioner a multi verse of tools and techniques to utilize when healing the self, other people, or the planet at large.

How can we combine teaching the nuances of  these three paths into one? The path of the Völva, or Seiðr (which is the Norse sect of Mysticism used for the benefit of local and distance tribes mentioned in the lore of the Edda’s and Saga’s) along with the Germanic/Teutonic Shamanic tribes (who by demographic locations are known as: The Sami, the Siberian, and the Mongolian [Tengerism] sects) cohesively respect, honor, and worship the natural forces of the earth, -which is the real connection to our ancestors and the universe via specific techniques, ritual, and personal relationships with Land Wights, Disir, and to a lesser extent, the Gods of the Northern Germanic/Teutonic Pantheons. (Yes the Sami, Siberian and Tenger have specific Gods they worship, with some being very similar in aspects to the Norse Deities) Moreover, since each path and tradition due to cultural and topography differences, used different names for their Archetypical Divine forces; for the purpose of this course, the focus is on The Norse Pantheon. It is good to remember each path had a specific God or Goddess that ruled every day natural forces like thunder, the sun, the moon, and the entity that created mankind.

We refer throughout the course of each participant being a Spa Worker. For us, this terminology encompasses all three paths and eliminates confusion, as it is through the use of prophesy, divination and communication with the spirit realm we may bring back healing and life changing information from many of the nine worlds depicted in Norse Mythology.

The strength of a Spa Worker via the method we teach, is that this newly re-claimed art  is not solidly fixed in form. Nor should it ever be. You see, although much of our starting point for becoming adept as a 21st Century Spae Worker is based on Cultural information handed down historically; that information is limited, fragmented, and altered, by the dominating sub cultures who when conquering the native peoples, who tried to abolish the local customs and practices. Going on spotty historical accounts can only take one so far, so we view adaptation, creativity and individual expression as important parts of the practice and should always be honored and encouraged.

If these skill sets are something that interested you; the below concepts are essential to keep in mind when embarking in learning these Arts.
Specifically, I find most adept and skilled Spae Workers that practice today believe in the following concepts:
~ A respect and reverence for nature and all her cycles
with an ongoing observance of those cycles through
celebratory rituals.
~ An understanding of the division of the one power of the
universe divided USUALLYinto two forces: projective energies and receptive energies.
~A belief that the physical world in which we live is not
the only reality and that not only do other realms exist,
but they may be explored and used.
~A belief in reincarnation—that we can learn from past life
experiences and that what we do now affects future life
~A belief in the power to focus and direct energies of the
Will to enact necessary change. (This practice is often
called magic(k).)
~A belief in free will and choice with an understanding of
the responsibilities and consequences of such freedom.
~ A respect and tolerance for all sacred paths and practices
that are beneficial to other beings on this planet and the ability to incorporate other sacred rituals, teachings, into personal practice when desired.
~A thorough understanding and application of Oorlog; similar to Karmic debt, (i.e. the law of we have reaped, we sow) to daily life, and Oorlog is inherited, as well as passed down, through family lines..

Let’s look at each one of these concepts in detail:
A respect and reverence for nature and all her cycles with an ongoing observance of those cycles through joyous celebratory rituals, and ecstatic immersion in the natural world.

This means that Spa Work is first and foremost a practice that celebrates, honors, and respects nature. We honor the fact that Landvattier (spirits of place) exist everywhere and these entities are the front line of a Spa Workers contact, as well as THE helping entities in gaining access, power and passage to other worlds, beings, and forms of Spae work. Without the cooperation and relationship to the Landvattier, your power of will, or intention (magic(k) will go nowhere but your mind. Think of it this way: The Land wights are the gate keepers from the portal of Midgard (solid earth) to the lands of the ethereal worlds. (the land of spirit) Get in contact with them, and they then open the door for access to your Disir (guardian spirits that are with you at birth) who then introduce you to the Ancestors, who then lead you to the Ancient, yet ever evolving, Gods.

This does not mean that all Spa Workers live in a Thoreau-style shack in the woods. This would be impractical for many. (Practicality is another feature of Norse Mystic practice.)

It does mean that Spa Workers respect and revere nature as a sacred living presence. Earth and all that exist upon her are alive and are worthy of respect. We try to live with nature and do not believe that this planet was provided for our private use to destroy and alter as we see fit. To maintain a connection with nature, Spa Workers celebrate her natural cycles through rituals such as Sacred Ceremonies’, Faring Forth, Trance Journey’s, Blots, and Sumbels.
Spa Workers recognize the power latent in the polarities found in everything around us. Polarities like: night/day, negative/positive, inhale/exhale, and of course, Death/ Rebirth Mysteries associated with opposing cycles, have very powerful lessons for a Spa worker to utilize when applying a balanced understanding how life unfolds. When one looks to the potentiality of an opposing energy as the moment of manifesting energies which had previously been avoided by the Spa Worker;(due to fear of the unknown) Things that might appear to be frightening or void, become auspicious occasions to work ones Wyrd. The Spae Worker can begin to understand that life unfolds in the sweet darkness that is the space between all things; life, death, waking and sleeping..

As a Spa Worker, the belief that the physical world in which we live is not the only reality and that not only do other realms exist, but they may be explored and used. This means that a Volva, Seidr, and Northern Shaman believe that this realm of physical existence is not the only realm in which we exist. We live day to day in a physical reality to be sure, but we are more than physical beings. We also possess emotions and are capable of thought. Emotions and thoughts are not things that can be pointed to and touched as physical realities, but they are as real as any physical object and they are important components of living. Thoughts and emotions are just two examples of things that do not exist as physical objects. There are many other things that coexist with the physical, and these realms, through practice, can be accessed and used to improve one’s life and the lives of others.

It is beneficial on this Path to have a firm belief and working adeptness in the power to focus and direct energies of the will to enact necessary change, called Intention.

This is an acceptance of the fact that all things, all matter, are energy. There are many different forms of energy that exist within us and within the universe itself. These energies are real and can be experienced. They can also be accessed and manipulated (within the bounds of natural laws) BY A FOCUSED WILL. The ability to work with energy in this manner is often called magic, and it starts with a CLEAR INTENTION.

A belief in free will and choice with an understanding of the responsibilities and consequences of such freedom. We do have to answer to certain laws of our Oorlog ; )that is the portion of Wyrd we must work through that is inherited by our past lives, and by our ancestors deeds and actions) but our Oorlog is a small fraction of our lifes path-so this means that each person is free to choose for him- or herself what to believe and how to live.
This also means that a Spa Worker can recognize that each individual is responsible for his or her own decisions and actions, and has respect, as well as tolerance, for all sacred paths and practices that enrich the natural world, and the ability to incorporate other sacred rituals, and teachings into personal practice when desired.
Finally, most Spa Workers have a belief in reincarnation—that we can learn from past-life experiences and that what we do now affects future-life experiences. We call this our Oorlog and our Wyrd.

~So, what exactly does the 21st century Heathen’s reclaiming the practices of the Seiðr and Völva year long course of the Spa Worker entail? Through this self guided (yet peer supportive) distance course, each participant will learn how to Live an aware and full Norse-based Mystical Life. Just as the Earth lives and dies with the seasonal tides, or a new moon grows to full strength then wanes only to become another new moon, so does the life of the individual go through a cycle of rising strength, gradual decay, and eventual rebirth. In one fashion or another, each life is a culmination of lives from the past. No life is a single entity in the never-ending dance of life and death. We can learn from those lives that came before us, and what we do in this life affects many lives after our own. Living in this way demands that you consider carefully the past and that you take responsibility and care for what you do with your life in the present.

To me, this is one of the greatest strengths of Being a Völva, a Seiðr, and a Northern Shaman in the modern world (~yes you CAN be all Three!) which sets the Spa Worker apart from the Mainstream Heathen. We revel in the knowledge that we have the ability in helping create the web of Wyrd, and that is THE skill set we attempt to master in the end. Even if its only a few strands of our own Wyrd that we weave.

If this sounds like what you have been seeking, I welcome you on this Path, and I hope the knowledge you ken will help you evolve, and in turn help Midgard, (and in turn the Planet) evolve.

~Your friendly Guides,
Ivy Mulligan
Ordained Gythia, Master Shamanic Practitioner, 20 year practicing Völva and Seiðr,
and Vice President for the Asatru Community.

~To see Ivy’s books, go to:

Tabitha LaPell

Certified Bard from the OBOD, Certified Northern Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Master Diviner, crystal therapist, Völva and Seiðr.

For those who are already a practitioner of Seidr, and Wish to go further into proficiency and adeptness of the craft see my Immersion course page:


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