Inger Johanna Syverud

Master of Old Norse Shamanism

Well where to begin? I’m Norwegian, the youngest of three sisters, I and was also born in Norway, but grew up in Liberia, West Africa.

Here I lived until I was 10, whereas the revolution broke out. We stayed there under rough circumstances, and after about a year my parents gave up hope for peace in the country and we moved to Norway. I experienced a big cultural shock, and from the traumas of war, Norway never really felt like home.

In Liberia I used to run off in the bush with my native friends as soon as I came home from my “White” private school. We had a catholic Sunday school, and my mother tried to raise us Christian, but it didn’t really work for me. I would attend the different tribes’ rituals and drum dances. I was totally fascinated by their rites and stories of magic and mythology.

I became more and more active in the pagan communities, traveled in Scandinavia and Germany and Holland to meet up with other pagans. I’ve been with quite many groups of different types of pagans, but for the last decades I have found rest among in the Norse pantheons. From here I have studied the Nordic type of shamanism, rites and magic like seid, galders and runes. I am in a couple of groups now, not blot groups anymore, but a seid group, Magni Jadar, and another underground group where  we study the gods and do blots for the changing seasons.

The last years I have become more and more drawn towards nature, its sacredness and its spirits, and sorry to say, but it seem to me that many asatru/heathens don’t connect or think that asatru is a nature religion. I guess that’s why I have now finally found my home, not in Noway, but in Denmark. Here I live with my partner, Magnus, and my son and daughter. My eldest daughter has recently moved back to Norway. We live on our farm called Ing.borg named after our “company”. Here we try to live of the land and have a lot of animals, like horses, sheep, ducks, chickens and so on. We also hold workshops and events, and we wish to turn our place into a retreat center so people that need a break can find peace and rest in nature.

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