Ivy Mulligan

Master craftswoman of pre-Christian Pagan Tradtions and Tribal Wyrd weaving, Indo European rituals and Ceremony, and Spa.

The courses Ivy offers:

1)The Year Long Apprenticeship into seidr.

In one years’ time, your goal is to become proficient in the arts of Spa(e) Work. These arts included:

How to perform ritual, and set up your space for Spa(e) work.

Auspicious times and universal components that enhance Spa(e) work.

How to induce trance states, and channel messages from wights, Disir, the Gods and the dead.

Proficiency with the use of the tools of the craft

Powerful energy work and manipulation to manifest your intended will (magic/Spell work). This includes all forms of dance, drumming, drawing, sculpting, sewing, weaving, chanting, etc..

Adeptness of Galdr and the reading of the runes.

Locating your guardian Disir and other wights as allies.

Honoring and accessing the Gods, through Myths and Ritual.

How to read omens.

Knowledge of plants and herbs, for healing and magic.

How to call on animal spirit helpers.

How to use rocks and crystals.

Each month I will give you a PowerPoint lecture via a Online teaching curriculum called Pathwright I enroll you within using your email. Those slides will offer up one of each of the above-mentioned elements that combined create a powerful Spae worker, that each participant will need to work with intimately the entire month. It is up to each apprentice to research and become adept with each of the varying elements of that month. READ UP ON NORSE TERMINOLOGY!! (A good place to start is: http://odin.heathenthing.org/?page_id=133)   

I will give you some information as to why these elements are pertinent to your craft, but it is up to each of you to locate, study, call on, work with, and thoroughly become intimate with each of the elements of Norse Shamanism and Witchcraft you will learn. It is only through PRACTICE, not just reading, can we truly become adept at anything.

I have found the titles Volva and Seidr to be interchangeable; as both Traditions do much the same sort of things: They use a combination of tools and procedures to bring about seeing into other worlds, and then bring back to our world(Midgard) the messages or information sought, and then, with tools and learned skills, they direct the power of the will to manifest the needed changes in the web of Wyrd. Throughout the rest of the year I will refer to all of us a Spa(e) workers, since for me that encompasses both traditions nicely. (You may refer to yourself with whatever title you feel is most accurate for you.)

Year long distance course

This is a year long distance course with once a month phone call check-ins with Ivy, and anytime peer group discussions. This is an accredited, continuing education course.


2) Immersion course for the Völva or Vitki.

This is a 9 month long study dedicated to a deep immersion in The Völuspá, as well as in The Meditative Paradigms; as much as it is a very detailed course on the actual practices of song and theory as survived in historical texts, Scandinavian Folkways of song and cultural arts, as well as archeology digs. It is an ADVANCED class about the practices Northern European Shamanism, Indo-European Witchcraft, and all the skill sets that accompany this very powerful and very in-depth way of life.

This course teaches IN DEPTH, the Lore, and what our Ancestors knew worked as a personal and working relationship with Indo-European Cosmology. This nine month study course will be a guided immersion that will accompany my second book titled; “Immersion into the Arts of the Völva, Vitki, and seiðr; a journey of self-discovery through an ancient path in the modern world.

Immersion course

This is an in-depth one on one distance course with monthly phone check ins with Ivy. This course is mandatory for adeptness in Old Norse ways and terminology and NOT for beginners on the Norse path of seiðr.


3) 22 day course; Descent into the Goddess’s of North Mythology; Rituals and empowerment for the Heathen Woman.

This course takes the Heathen Woman into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, a main stay for the true understanding of seidr.

Decent into the Goddess of Old north Mythology.

This 22 day intensive is distance friendly, with weekly check-ins via phone calls. One who is called to the ways of Freya’s and seiðr magic will excel after taking this course.


4) 9 or 22 day course; The Rites of Odin.

This course can be done on 9 consecutive days, or spread out for 22. This course is to learn the Male Mysteries of the Heathen man, and we do a Hero’s Journey following the footsteps and Saga’s of Odin, the original Seidman.

Rites of Odin

This course is a distance course meant to help the heathen man or woman understand deeply the God of the Norse and his magics by undergoing Odin’s quest for all knowing. weekly phone check-ins are mandatory.


Please reach out to Ivy in the mail link below with any questions on her curriculum, registration, and enrolment options. Or if you have general questions for the Guild, use the Contact button below.