Jaská Skogkatt


My working name is Jaská (YAHS-keh) and I’ve embraced the Old Ways for the past several years.

Heathenry has helped me grow in ways I didn’t think possible. I’d always known there was something more, and finally I’ve found my truth. This truth has led me to be more patient, nurturing, and understanding of not only people in my community, but of the world and other beings as well. In learning these life lessons, it’s been an honor to share them with those who cross paths.

I’ve been a student of great women who are an inspiration to myself and others. However, the time has come for me to expand beyond this role as a Journeyman and offer my knowledge as a teacher to fellow people who choose to follow the same path as a Gothar, carrying the tradition in the ways we connect to the Gods as one people.

Please reach out to Jaská in the mail link below with any questions on her curriculum, registration, and enrolment options. Or if you have general questions for the Guild, use the Contact button below.