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Project Overview:

Hail and welcome to the Guild of Forn Sed Hearthfire! You are embarking on an exciting journey of self-transformation and discovery. We are here to assist you in this journey and there are many here who will serve as your guides. In this guild you will find hands on, blow by blow systems to perform Heathen practices by mentors who will work with you along the way. It is our goal to provide a place to experience all the joy and wonder that Heathenry offers. As you take this journey you can expect to experience great growth and probably a few surprises! So let’s get started!


  • You are versed in the Indo European Lore and Mythos.
  • You have a firm understanding of Heathenry; what it is and what’s it not.
  • You have a understanding about the Norse Nine Worlds, our Gods and our Ancestors.
  • You honor and venerate the Earth as a living being, our Mother, Jord.
  • You understand this is a spiritual quest, not a historically accurate re-enactment (though that happens with authenticity) nor a spin off of monotheism.
  • ALL humans are welcome to learn Seidr. We DO NOT tolerate any sort of supremacy or elitism.


  • To become proficient in the ancient arts of Forn Sedr (Old Norse Occult Customs)
  • To use these skills to better ourselves as Heathens.
  • To Use these skills to better Midgard and all the nine worlds.


To join as a member: simply pay an annual donation of $45 US and we will add to you as a member in good standing, allowing you access to our special member page where you can learn, reach out, and connect with any of the Journeymen or Masters teaching their specialty courses available at the moment.* Or you can sign on for the year long apprenticeship course geared to teach all the Shamanic healing skills needed to adeptly perform seidr in all its aspects..

*Note: each Journeyman or Master has different fees for their individual courses, however the Guild commits to a $150/month limit on any single curriculum. Keep in mind, this is a GUILD not a FB group.

You will also receive a copy of “The Deeper Arts of the Völva: Self-Discovery Through Ancient Paths in the Modern World”, by Ivy Mulligan, when initially becoming a Guild member.

To join as a Teacher/Journeyman: you must have taken Ivy’ year long training, OR show the Guild that you have actively practiced this path for a minimum of 5 years; providing proof of your works, your Heathen deeds, and your knowledge.

To Join as a Master, you need at least 20 years actively living as a Heathen and a Gothi/Gythia, and you must also show the Kindred you have taught, your works, and at least 3 of your students must send in accompanying letters of reference to prove your authenticity.

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Annual Membership Fee. —Renewal will be due one calendar year from the date of payment. See by-laws for full details.


If you are unable to use the payment method above, please contact us via the email button below regarding alternative donation methods.