Matthew Sargent

Master of Fjökunnigr and Trollkjerring

In Matt’s early days of college he took a course about the Vikings, this was when he first read the Eddas and they clicked, he had never thought about pre Christian Scandinavian spiritual traditions but something felt right. This was the start of his heathen path. For a while it was fairly minimal devotion but once in a while he’d hear whispers from the gods. Fast forward fifteen years later Matt found himself leaving his mountain home to start a career farming, he’d always dreamed of being more self sufficient and an opportunity arose, as he got his hands dirty he learned more and more about garden/ agricultural practices that mimicked nature, and relied on biodiversity and integrated farm systems. The more he delved into this lifestyle the louder the gods became. When finally he had the realization that it was time to hone his knowledge of the Norse occult arts. As he delved into the path of the Vitki he found being grounded in the garden living a life closer to his ancestors added depth to his Seidr work and allowed him opportunities to see wyrd in action.

Matthew’s courses involve living the Heathen Path by learning sustainable farming, animal husbandry and working with and within the wilderness as our Guide and ally.

Matthew’s premier course Heathen Horticulture will teach you how to embrace a Heathen ethos by caring for your Kin and community, while cultivating your Heathen spirituality by honoring the land, connecting with your ancestors, and witnessing the gods.

The first course starts on January’s full moon (Jan 28) and is limited to 20 students contact him below to enroll!

Please reach out to Matthew in the mail link below with any questions on his curriculum, registration, and enrolment options. Or if you have general questions for the Guild, use the Contact button below.