Stephan Gunn

Master of Pre-Bronze age History and Sacred Lore, story telling and the arts of the Skald.

The Winding, Invisible Path

My name is Stephan Gunn. Wanderer, seeker, student of many cultures. I consider myself a maverick, but someone who, via years of dedication and study, is a moving force for the betterment of 21st century Midgard. This is the prevailing vision that I have of myself and is subject to change without warning.

I have found when anyone truly immerse themselves into the spiritual experience for their entire lives; they learn the deep wisdom of how to manifest the benefits of Spiritual adeptness, which promises to further themselves, their families, their kindred, and the world at large.

Unfortunately, many people are afraid to explore, to seek out many diverse paths for fear of getting lost; but my story shows us if we visit enough hearths, eventually the one you find will be the one you call Home.

It takes a maverick to boldly go where it seems ‘unknown’, and it is a maverick who is always searching for the obscure or tricky answers of a more sure way to do a task, live a life, or be a better human being.

As stated before, I consider myself one of those Mystic Mavericks, which through heathenry, I have had the blessings of getting to know. I specialize in word weaving, skaldic traditions, and the trans-cultural art of the Epic., my kennings run deep from not only Urd, but Gunnungagap itself.

Let me show you a glimpse of my humble time-line of my life-long adventure of spiritual hearth sitting:
In approximately 1976-1979, I studied with a Germanic spirit woman named Gerte and delved into the mysteries of becoming a Großmystikerin. Although I did not realize it at the time, these were the first footsteps on the Germanic shamanic tradition, which would eventually lead me here, in the Northern shamanic sphere.

By the early 1980’s, Stephan studied with a Buddhist master in the Jiěgòu (解构) or Yin path. (In English, it is called “Deconstructive Buddhism) wherein one explores the Void within and without, experiencing ultimate emptiness, thereby learning of Ginnungagap as the primordial void.

Later in the 1980’s, before the New Age term “Red Road” became popular, I was prompted to continue my quest and studied spirituality with several Indigenous Peoples while living with them. Among them were the Tsétsėhéstȧhese, (the Cheyenne) learning the arts of controlling his hamr and his Fylgja.

Later, I studied among the wise of the Lakota Miniconjous band at Green Grass, SD, and although I received a sacred gift of meeting a powerful force there, I soon came to see the deeper mysteries of a few Indigenous People, and as these magicks were clearly not of my culture or my Ancestral power via blood; I hearkened to my Ancestral kennings.. With these indigenous Folk; I heard the calling of my Wyrd, my Oorlog and my Ancestors.

But my journey wasn’t quite complete; as I stopped at the heaths of the Héndé, the Sufi, Kru in Liberia, until, when in the 90’s, I studied the mysteries of the Yanomami of northern Brazil, who were my maternal great-grandmother’s people, thereby making the connection to my blood lines. In this hearth jumping process, I gained the wonderous bi-product of learning many years of various Mystical skills sets that would serve me well as a seiðman and a Vitki.

From 2007 until present, my Indo-European Ancestors were awakened, and they lead me to spent my time studying the ways and religion of the northern shamanic traditions. (Mainly Asatru and Vanatru) Eventually, I found that My path was truest and best accepted for my soul as a heathen, and then dedicated my heart to it; never forgetting and using the wisdom that I had collected over the course of four decades.

Through my unyielding search to find my soul’s calling and my place in the weft of Wyrd, I ended up finding the Nine worlds of the Norse Cosmology, the magic that is heathenry, and the hearth that I truly can call Kith, kin and frith.

Now, today, I am blessed that, as a Master Skald, I can teach within my course series the much missing yet mandatory skill of Word Weaving; since it is through story we people engage each other within the mysteries of life, death, and the magic that lies in-between.

Hail to the gods and hail to those upon Midgard who search and seek the seeds of wisdom. Hail ALL members of our faith, no matter where they come from and where they are.

Classes I offer:

Syllabus for the Class in Skaldic Teachings as fits the Joseph Campbell Model

The requirements for this class are relatively simple: You must purchase Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces. In addition, the class is three weeks long. I will meet with Students once a week for three weeks via telephone (unless other methods are agreed upon by student and Elder). There are a total of eight classes. Six of the classes cost $100 and two of them cost $75, due to their brevity. Should the student wish to commit to all eight classes, the cost is reduced to a total of $600. If, after two classes, the student wishes to commit to the entire series (if they have not already done so), they will only be required to pay $400, the remainder of the balance as though they had paid for the entire series. For your time and money, I will guide you through Campbell’s world of story construction and show the student how it applies to the Northern Skaldic Tradition. Be advised, Joseph Campbell’s work is brilliant, but can be a bit challenging. Each class will require 30+ pages of reading (save two classes). It is my commitment to make this an enjoyable and enlightening experience for the student.

Class 1 – Prologue–$100
I. The Monomyth
A. Myth and Dream
B. Tragedy and Comedy
C. The Hero and the God
D. The World Navel

Class 2–$100
I. Departure
A. The Call to Adventure
B. Refusal of the Call
C. Supernatural Aid
D. The Crossing of the First Threshold
E. The Belly of the Whale

Class 3–$100
I. Initiation
A. The Road of Trials
B. The Meeting with the Goddess
C. Woman as the Temptress
D. Atonement with the Father
E. Apotheosis
F. The Ultimate Boon
Class 4–$100
I. Return
A. Refusal of the Return
B. The Magic Flight
C. Rescue from Without
D. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
E. Master of the Two Worlds
F. Freedom to Live
II. The Keys

Class 5–$100
I. Part 2—The Cosmogonic Cycle
A. From Psychology to Metaphysics
B. The Universal Round
C. Out of the Void—Space
D. Within Space—Life
E. The Breaking of the One Into the Manifold
F. Folk Stories of Creation

Class 6–$75
I. The Virgin Birth
A. Mother Universe
B. Matrix of Destiny
C. Womb of Redemption
D. Folk Stories of Virgin Motherhood

Class 7—$100
I. Transformation of the Hero
A. The Primordial Hero and the Human
B. Childhood of the Human Hero
C. The Hero as Warrior
D. The Hero as Lover
E. The Hero as Emperor and as Tyrant
F. The Hero as World Redeemer
G. The Hero as Saint
H. Departure of the Hero

Class 8—$75
I. Dissolutions
A. End of the Microcosm
B. End of the Macrocosm
II. Epilogue—Myth and Society
A. The Shapeshifter
B. The Function of Myth, Cult, and Meditation
C. The Hero Today

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