The Hearth

The Hearth

The hearth was the centre of the home, it has the word ‘heart’ in it and has been called the heart of the house. A place of warmth, safety, to be fed and to connect with people. This space is the hearth of our Guild. A space where you can get support and encouragement, post questions and give answers anonymously and get access to different techniques and practices for self care and healing. 

Stepping out in something new is overwhelming whether you be a student or a teacher.

No one can pour from an empty glass. This space is open whether you are new to the path or have walked it for many years. If you have anything to add you feel is helpful you are welcome to share. 

I think for all of us getting used to something new is difficult. There can be a lot of reasons you might be struggling with either the lessons, or the content or simply getting yourself focused and motivated. Being a Heathen and being a Shaman means being self reliant, finding and following your path. It’s having to be responsible for your own learning and continually seek and find your answers. 

Most of us grew up in organized religion where there was only one right or wrong answer and where there were very few leaders with the authority to provide them. Getting used to the change of being a leader and leading yourself instead of being a follower is a huge change and it comes with fear. 

The hearth is a space to address any fears, feelings of being unworthy or unprepared or misunderstandings you may have. 

This place is also a space to simply come and recharge, reset and remind yourself why you’re here. 

Speaking of why you’re here, I invite you all to create for yourself a mission statement or a vision board if art is more your thing than writing. Something to bring you back to the basics of who you are and why you chose this path. 

Before I share my own I want to encourage you that you are valid. 

That you answered a call you hear in your heart for a reason. 

Just as there are many gods, goddess’, giants, elves, dwarves and others in the Heathen pantheon and stories there are many, many kinds of volva’s, vitki’s, shamans and seer’s.

Being who and what you are is never wrong and all are welcome at this table. 

My personal mission statement:

I am here to learn, to respect and to follow the heathen shaman path.

I am here to honour my ancestors and my gods.

I am here to bring healing to myself and to others.

I am committed to being a light; to helping others see themselves as they truly are. 

I am committed to supporting and aiding them in their healing.

I am certain of my ability to succeed. 

-D.R Wulf  *

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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