Twinkle Ravindran

My name is Twinkle Ravindran. I am new to this path, started about 4 years ago. I was introduced to Wicca and my Wiccan teacher introduced me to the runes. Runes were really mesmerizing for me so I started to look for a teacher who’d teach me more about the Runes. That’s how I ended up with Ivy Coyote-Mulligan , becoming her student. She taught me everything I know about them. 

Even though I am pretty new to this path , I have been sensitive to energies and spirits since I was a child. Foreseeing future in dreams, talking to spirits and receiving messages is something I have been doing since I was a child without even knowing about it. 

I am a –

– counsellor 

– self-taught pranic healer – Master Choa Kuk Sui’s Pranic Healing techniques

– energy channeling – comes naturally to me.

– a rational Heathen who believes our ancestors had scientific knowledge and understanding of energies that really worked and that’s what we are all trying to re-learn.

– a person who believes in runic connections as in I strongly believe the Runes are the representation of the cosmic cycle just like a Mandala is the 2D representation of the entire Universe. 

My passions are – 

– Runes and their connections and rune readings…

– Reading mythologies

-energy channeling – includes aura scanning, cleansing and energizing

Qualification –

– Studied Basic Norse Shamanism and Immersion Course under Ivy Mulligan

– studied Munay Ki Shamanic Rites Initiation under Sharon Ramel

– self-studied – Pranic Healing

– learning Tai Chi, meditation in motion under Michael Rajchandra.

Course Design Twinkle Offers:

Shamanism – an introduction
Introduction to Norse Shamanism – Proto-Indo-European culture (a glimpse)
Nine Realms – Introduction – Ginnungagap (the gaping void), Yggdrasil
Soul Parts – understanding & connecting to soul parts
Yggdrasil Meditation
Energy Channeling – grounding, scanning, aligning & energizing the energy body
Norse dieties – Norse gods/goddesses
Elves, Dark Elves, Jotunn, Vaettir – an introduction
Ancestors – lineage & it’s importance in healing
Connection with ancestors
Runes – introduction & understanding (practice, runic meditation )
Runic representation of cosmic cycle = mandala (a 2D representation of the Universe)
Rituals – monthly Blots & Sumbels
Galdr & Vardlokkur

Vafthrudismal – an overview

Soul Retrieval

Runes -a connection

Understanding Wyrd – Magick work

Belief systems (modern day ) = Asatru, Odinism, Rokkatru, Vanatru

Writers/Book recommendations.

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