William Elrick

My name is William Elrick, and the past two years I’ve been apprenticed by Ivy Mulligan. This journey has given me a deep understanding, connection and belonging that I have never felt or experienced before.  

I am an Agroecologist by profession and my life is about connection to the all, the land and the Landvartier. Understanding the deeper aspects of land and connection through the prism of wholistic and indigenous wisdom.

Training to be a Teacher and Seer is the next part of my journey, and I also want to be a conduit for the Ancestors and Landvartier that connects community to the land and the land back to community.

My passion is to help inspire, sing and find solace within the Ancestors and Nine worlds and all that reside within that.  Listening to the sounds and watching the world around, and feeling the greater connection within that.

Holding the honour and knowledge that the tradition brings, I will be available for guidance and support throughout one’s journey.

Remember the Ancestors are with us and ready for us to step forth on the trail, ready to begin.


Please reach out to William in the mail link below with any questions on his curriculum, registration, and enrolment options. Or if you have general questions for the Guild, use the Contact button below.